Ralph Stikeleather Math And Statistics Tutoring

Ralph Stikeleather Math And Statistics Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have a superior understanding of the subjects I tutor, a keen awareness of why students struggle with the material, and knowledge of techniques for student improvement.

I make a difference in students' lives, helping them improve their skills to attain better test or course results. The part of my job that I like most is observing my students become more successful and achieving their desired performance.


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Serves Lindenwald , OH
Offers online services

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Ian M.

Ralph is one of the few teachers Ive ever had that has made me confident in math. His explanations, process and general teaching style really helped me. Most of all in feeling like I had the tools to complete the problem. This was my initial goal for tutoring, and Ralph exceeded my expectations and I began to improve dramatically in my math skills and grades. I would recommend Ralph to anyone who needs a tailored approach to their areas of improvement.
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October 03, 2016

Frequently asked questions

I will ask you about your experience with Math (or Statistics), the class you are taking or test you are studying for, classes you have taken in the past or tests you have attempted but not received a satisfactory score. We jump right in and start looking at exercises from your textbook or study book, and I quickly learn your math skills and what you need improvement on. We come up with a strategy for success that we apply to future lessons.

Master of Science in Mathematics with half the Masters-level coursework in Statistics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

College Math Instructor since 2009

5 Years experience tutoring in college math labs

Private Math and Statistics Tutor since 2004

Pricing is subject to change based on my availability. Please call for most up-to-date rates. Prices listed apply to students who meet me at my best location. Pay by the appointment:

1 hour $80

1.5 hours $100

2 hours $120

or buy hours in advance at a discount and spread them out over multiple appointments of 1 hour or more

3 hours $200

5 hours $300

7 hours $400

10 hours $500

Other time block options available

If you decide to pay me more, I will give you first priority in appointment scheduling.

Cash preferred, checks accepted

Online Tutoring

Special promotional price $60 per hour. Payment must be in advance. Many banks have a feature that allows money to be paid/claimed via email and that is what I prefer (examples Chase Quick Pay, Bank of America Move Money, U.S. Bank Send Money)

Send me the examples that you would like me to work through and I can demonstrate them to you through join.me webinar or send them to you (typed or handwritten) via email. Examples for your own learning purposes only. They are not to be redistributed or turned in as your own work. 

Best locations are in Hamilton, OH near the Miami University regional campus any day, or in Cincinnati near UC, Xavier, or Hyde Park during weekends. Other locations are subject to round trip travel time from zip code 45015 to be included in determining the total cost ($10 per 10 minutes). Discounts possible for difficult subject matter which I have limited experience tutoring, or tutoring in groups. I may match the rate of a worthy competitor with similar qualifications. Please give me feedback on my advertised rates. If you offer me more I will clear my schedule to meet with you.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: Please give as much cancellation notice as possible, at least one day in advance (24 hours)

Same day appointment cancellation (1-24 hours) will be charged $60 unless an alternate agreeable arrangement can be made.

No-shows or cancellation less than 1 hour before start time will be charged for the full scheduled amount of time.

I was a freshman math major at Xavier University, looking to share my mathematical talents to help others improve.

Adults taking a college course, including college-required or math major level

Adults studying for a standardized test

High school students taking a math or statistics course, including AP courses

High school students studying for SAT/ACT/OGT Math

Middle/junior high school students taking a math course

Middle/junior high school students studying for math portion of entrance exam

Students who are discouraged in math and looking to better their performance

Students who feel good about math but are looking for enrichment

Online customers working in a remote location. I can write up solutions to practice exercises by request and email them to students. I can display my solutions through live webinars for online tutoring.

I helped a college student learn the last half of her Statistics course in 3 weeks leading up to her final exam. She had missed many classes due to illness, but with my help she was able to attain a passing grade in the course! (impressing her teacher in the process)

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