English And Italian: Language And Literature

English And Italian: Language And Literature

Offers online services
Offers online services


A bit about my academic history: I have been tutoring peers and those younger than me since I was in eighth grade. I have complete a BA at Ohio State University in English Literature and an one year advanced program MA at King’s College of London in English Literature: 1850-Present, where I was required to write a dissertation on my chosen specialty of Charles Dickens and Cultural Presentations of Societal Oppression. I am currently at Ohio State University again to receive a BA in Italian Studies (Language and Literature), as well as a MA in English Education. I also have teaching experience from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio as an Adjunct Professor. I aim to next complete a PhD while teaching AP and advanced high school English courses.

Literary Academica is the passion I’ve always chased, and have always loved. I’m just hoping to encourage it in the next generation!


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Frequently asked questions

Each individual is assessed on a session to session basis. How we go about the students learning will depend on their, or their class, objective (and assignments), the students ability to understand and engage with the work, and the learning gap presented between where they are at and where they want to be. Typically my results for students enrolled in courses can be expected as a raise in 1 to 2 letter grades over the course of a semester. 

Please see the about business, where I briefly summarise my educational and experience background. If you have questions, do ask! 

Yes. For Italian, as I have no degree yet but I do have 7 years experience with the language in academic context, I charge $15/hr and will only currently only tutor novices.

For English, as I have two degrees, a third in progress, and several years of experience, I will tutor all levels up to but not through an MA, specifically for British Literature and writing as follows:

•1 hour of Literary Review and Comprhension Tutoring ~ Grade School $25, High School $30, BA $45

Student Work Policy: The student is expected to show up with material read, and notes taken about it - how notes are to be taken would be discussed in first meeting. If I arrive for a tutoring session, and the student has not prepared, I require to be paid for that session and a new session for that material to be scheduled, and paid for separately. This policy is to ensure that my time, the student’s time, and the assumed parent’s money are not wasted! A student cannot be taught if they will not do their own work - my time will not be used as a “get out of homework” free card.

•1 hour of Writing/Paper Editing (typically 10 pages, depending on topic) ~ HS $40, BA $50

•1 hour of Paper Structuring and Writing Guidance ~ HS $40, BA $50

For other literary studies, a review of the syllabus would be required but I am capable of also tutoring American Literature at a slightly discounted rate. For all writing, the prices remain.

I come from a long line of teachers, with many family members teaching well into 50 years. Additionally, I am the oldest of four so it does fall on me to teach them!! Genuinely have just always enjoyed helping people understand things about language and literature they may not have considered.

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