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Offers online services


I'm a teacher, not just a tutor. I've taught at private middle and high schools. I am very adaptable, so if a student isn't understanding a concept, I'm able to present ideas in different ways until it clicks. I try to make my tutoring sessions interactive and fun. I want students to LIKE learning rather than feeling like the purpose of learning is simply to pass tests.

I love sharing my passion for languages, writing and literature with my students and seeing them make real progress. I like the creativity involved in customizing my lesson plans to fit my students' interests and having as much fun during lessons as we can.

My favorite part about teaching has been seeing the transformation of my students from English or French class haters into students telling me it was their favorite class at school!


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hercules S.

Im learning a lot, its amazing, patient I recommend it to everyone !!
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October 11, 2018
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hercules S.

September 12, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

Sometimes there is a need for a preliminary assessment session with a new student. This is typically shorter than a regular lesson. It allows me to determine the student's strengths and weaknesses, to give the student an idea of how our tutoring sessions will go and gives me a starting off point for making a lesson plan. I then constantly adapt plans as we go along. 

Other times, the student will bring what they are working on in class, and we'll dive right in with regular sessions. It really depends on the subject and the student's goals. 

I worked as a private school teacher for 5 years and a professional tutor now for. When classes went virtual, I felt that large online classes did not work, neither for me nor my students. I decided to leave the school I was working at and dedicate my time to one-on-one and small group tutoring. I've found this to be much more successful and rewarding all around.

My degree is from the University of Miami. I also lived, studied and worked in France for several years.

I have tutored students from the age of 5 to college-aged and adults. I've taught specific subjects, helped with essay writing, prepared students for standardized tests and simply helped with study skills and organization. Most of the time, students require a bit of all of these, but sometimes we need to focus solely on one aspect.

The tutor should be working to give you skills as well as subject matter help. This requires guidance. How does the tutor teach? Do they simply present information or do they bring activities for you to do and guide you along so you can do it yourself? How do you want to be taught? Does the tutor's style match that? Do they have a set lesson plan that they use for every student or do they adapt to your needs (many times this is the real difference between a cheap tutor and one that costs more!)?

Be honest about what you are struggling with and be open to the tutors' suggestions. Sometimes students think that their problem is writing, for example, but it is actually organization! It's not always easy to assess ourselves.

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