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Offers online services
Offers online services


Don't write like your answering an interview question.

It's boring and will sound like everyone else in your AP English class. The point of an essay is to give readers a snapshot into what makes you unique in a sea of curated achievers.

I am a professional writer who accepts a limited number of students each year for college essay writing. Many of my past students have been admitted to the Ivies (for undergrad) and the most prestigious graduate and medical schools.

The cheesy answer is because I love doing them.

Who wants to read an essay that is brutally boring and impresses everyone but the people that count? Not me or anyone in admissions. And I don't want to help anyone write that essay either.

I want to have fun, be interested, and become interesting.

I am a former university professor, so I have a good idea of what administrators are looking for, and as a professional writer charged with getting eyes on a show or brand, I know how to grab attention.

Every age group has insights that count.


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Offers online services


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Katie Q.

I enjoyed how open the prompts were. I was able to make something that thousands of students write each year my own. Its definitely hard to talk about yourself in a lengthy essay, but Danusia helped me find the confidence to do so.
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August 15, 2018

Matthias H.

It was a terrific experience. It brought out some of my writing capabilities that I never knew that I had which later helped to do well in my first semesters at Vassar. The style of bringing out of the qualities of someone when writing a college essay was a pretty simple process, but it was so beneficial. I actually remember some people who thought poorly of my writing were quite impressed with how my essay turned out in the end, and I too was surprised. I was able to communicate my arguments and demonstrate who I really was to all the colleges I applied to after this tutoring process. I have nothing negative to say about it, and I am so appreciative for having gone through it.
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August 12, 2018

Melanie H.

Danusia is a wonderful teacher and tutor with a deep understanding of college prep. And, as a gifted writer, she helped my son to not only overcome his insecurity as a writer, but to really enjoy it and flourish. She was fully engaged and able to keep my son focused and on task while still enjoying his sessions with Danusia. His work ethic improved, as well!
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August 09, 2018

Kaley C.

Where do I even start?! I couldnt have asked for a better editor or brainstorming aid for my college admissions essay than Danusia. She is incredibly talented and a wizard when it comes to rewriting sentences in a more professional, yet authentic way. She is an endless mill of ideas and knew just what questions to ask to help me figure out what I wanted to write and how I wanted to frame my writing. She is a genius! I truly believe that hiring her was pivotal in helping me get into the colleges I wanted. She listens to what you have to say, takes your story, and helps you frame it into this amazing piece of writing that is better than anything youve ever written. She helps lead you through it and knows how to rearrange sentences and phase things to really add that extra edge to your essay. I cannot recommend her enough!!! Best decision I ever made
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August 08, 2018

Frequently asked questions

The first session is live online (or in person) to introduce you to my system and to get you started with the right topic. I'll send you a detailed map of how to organize your essay so that it's in your voice. I'll then do a first edit with specific explanations on how to make your writing better. 

It's easy and stress free, almost fun...

No two students of mine ever write the same essay.

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