Proven Results Tutoring: Math/SAT/Elementary

Proven Results Tutoring: Math/SAT/Elementary

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Offers online services
Offers online services


At Proven Results, we are dedicated to customer service, clear communication, and results, results, results. Costs and time needed to reach your desired outcomes can be determined once some data is gathered about the student. Our small staff is comprised of tutors from a wide variety of age groups.

Joe has over thirteen years of experience working in Saratoga Springs City Schools with high school and elementary school math, as well as SAT prep, and at the college level through Empire State College. Joe will argue passionately that a one-path-fits-all approach to education leaves many intelligent people underserved. He has seen this with many perfectly bright young people who feel they aren't cut out for math, and even more accomplished adults who think that math is not their strong suit. Joe loves to prove them wrong!

Joe has also worked with college entry-level Calculus ("Calculus 1 and 2") and Algebra ("Algebra 1 and 2"). Joe frequently works with adult learners who "need to pass their math class," and younger children with specific learning needs.

Joe has been tutoring since he was in elementary school! He has an MST degree in Childhood Education, received certification in Childhood Education Grades 1-6 and Math Grades 7-12 in 2007, and a Bachelor's degree with dual majors in Mathematics and Statistics and Philosophy in 2005. He graduated Suma Cum Laude with the Undergraduate Prize in Philosophy, and was inducted into the Alpha Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa his senior year.

Other staff work specifically with younger students, or specifically with adults, in a variety of subjects.

Building confidence in students!


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Offers online services

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    Brenna B.

    Joe is does amazing tutoring! He is vary excellent with decimals and teaching kids good was to learn them.
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    March 27, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Typically, students or parents have a specific issue at the heart of their inquiry. "I need to get a decent grade"; "my daughter's test scores were much lower than we thought they'd be and we want her to feel more confident"; "my son wants to get into... and needs to get a decent grade in/on..." Often there are also assignments that the student has available from a class, a teacher, or from an SAT prep source.

    At Proven Results, we evaluate the needs of a student based upon what is requested, and some informal work - often a class assignment - in the first session. 
    Based on the goals and needs of a student, we develop a plan, and communicate with whoever is paying for the plan.
    Examples: Some students are working at a fairly high level, but wish to increase a test score. Some students are generally accomplished individuals, but need practice with specific math concepts. Some students find themselves at a level in high school or college without the comfort of the skills from the prerequisites. Some younger students get low scores and grades, in spite of high potential.

    Joe graduated with honors from his graduate course work, obtaining a Master's of Science for Teachers from Plattsburgh State University of NY. Joe graduated with honors from the University at Albany, SUNY with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics, and Philosophy.

    Joe has seven years' experience working full time teaching seventh grade math in Saratoga Springs City School District, from 2007-2013. At that time, he also led the SAT Prep program for math, and tutored math at the city school district's elementary school. Joe did not have the highest average test scores in his building, but he had, by far, the highest number of students go from a low score to a high score. This is his specialty.
    Joe moved on to teaching at the college level in 2014, and often works with accomplished adults who need assistance reaching their potential in math.

    Generally, staff members would like to "take home" about forty to forty-five dollars per 60-to-80-minute session of tutoring. Thus, costs depend upon the distance needed to travel and the method of payment. If students are interested in longer sessions, or if other family members need tutoring, the cost per hour decreases significantly. 

    Joe started tutoring friends and younger students when still a student in elementary school. He started making a business out of it as a teenager, and continues to teach today.

    Joe has worked primarily in the suburbs, with students varying tremendously in age and testing level.

    In addition to teaching, Joe works full time in the gourmet candy business. He loves all of the major candy holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Easter. 

    The right tutor should be a combination of comfort and results. A tutor that goes easy on you might make you feel comfortable, but leave you with results that don't reflect your full potential. A tutor that is too fast-paced and difficult to understand might leave you feeling discouraged. 

    Be specific. What is the goal? How much time do you have to invest? What role do you need a tutor to play?

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