Ladan Simani Math Tutoring

Ladan Simani Math Tutoring

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I have received my first teaching certification in Secondary Mathematics at CUNY Queens College in the accelerated mathematics program, TIME 2000. I earned my second teaching certification for my Masters degree in Adolescent Special Education at Adelphi University. I have been teaching middle school mathematics for three years in Ridgewood, Queens at a NYC public school. Also, I received the Queens Impact Awards from the NYC Department of Education this passed year raising money for research for children living with cancer.

I am a very hard working individual and always plan my lessons and tutoring based on the needs of my students. Differentiating instruction for my students is essential to accompish this so that they are able to gain the skills necessary to succeed. Especially with the Common Core, I believe in pushing my students and giving them all of the tools needed to meet the goals of any and all mathematical topics. Moreover, I provide my students with a safe, caring, and comfortable learning environment!

I am patient, caring, never give up on my students and instead will always continue to give my students the confidence that they need to keep going!


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Brittney W.

Ladan truly is an exceptional tutor. She helped me understand the basics of the information. I highly recommend her for all math tutoring! Thank you so much Ladan!
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August 21, 2017


Ladan was outstanding in tutoring for both classroom mathematics and state exams! She is kind and caring, and most of all, she is amazingly patient! She makes sure the student understands each concept before moving to the next, and she is also great and experienced with students who have special needs!
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August 21, 2017

Frequently asked questions

When I first begin working with a new student, I will give them a pre-assessment to complete. The assessment will consist of mathematical content based on his/her current grade level. Also, if they need help in a specific area of math, I will attend to their needs. I will use hands on and visual tools to assess what works best for them to learn effectively and to their highest potential.

I have been tutoring mathematics for the passed seven years of all ages. The Common Core has changed the curriculum over the past few years and I believe having a strong knowledge about it because I have been teaching it is very important when turoring my students. Also, I grade the New York State Math Exams for middle schools every May, which has taught me a lot about the curriculum and all of the possible ways students can think about answering a problem. Grading has helped me modify my lessons and develop strategies that will attend to any possible student misconceptions that may arrise during tutoring sessions.

$100 per hour.

Up until 8th grade, I really struggled with mathematics until I had a tutor help me with Long Division. Ever since that exam, I always flourished in Mathematics. She is the one who inspired me to go into teaching because she worked with me all the way up until college. The tutor made everything student-centered and her patience and care really showed me what teaching is about.

I have worked with both general and special education students who have IEPs. Because I have a certification in Special Education, I have worked a lot with students who have disabilities. Doing so helped me in my practice with teaching because I learned that every child is different and it is essential to plan based on what their interests are and the needs that they have.

Hire a tutor that is going to be patient and understanding more than anything else. It is key to have someone by your side who is going to see you struggle with the mathematics, but take action right away in every possible way that they can to help you succeed. 

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