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Offers online services



As a tutor with America Reads, I tutored reading and basic mathematics to 2nd graders.

As a tutor at Action Tutoring (London UK)l, I tutored 5 high school students in mathematics in preparation for their state examinations.

As a full-time teacher at Hamilton Grange Middle School, I (1) taught 6th and 7th math and science courses; (2) tutored students in 6th and 7th grade Math and Humanities in classroom small groups and one-on-one afterschool; (3) facilitated small group math state test tutoring in math for 8th graders; and (4) started and taught a Specialized High School Standardized Admissions Test prep course

As a student at NYU I have tutored first-year students in writing and editing academic papers; as well as tutoring scholars in the Higher Education Opportunities Program (HEOP) in college algebra, quantitative methods I & II core course.

As an intervention specialist at the American Sign Language and English Secondary School, I facilitated in-class intervention to 9-12th graders in algebra I & II, geometry, physics, and computer science courses; (2) led 1-on-1 tutoring after school and during lunch focusing on assignments in algebra I & II and physics; and (3)

conducted geometry and algebra I regents prep tutoring.

My research experience, in both academic (NYU & Fordham U.) and professional (NYC DOE, TAP) settings, is multidisciplinary, encompassing developmental & social psychology, teaching interventions for exceptional adolescents (on both ends of the academic achievement spectrum), as well as management and leadership. My drive to solve problems and excitement for the process of exploring possible solutions, have led me to directly engage with opportunities to research topics such as pedagogical and classroom structure interventions for exceptional adolescents with various learning disabilities; intersection of adolescents’ academic achievement and health; developing tools to observe, analyze, and set behavioral growth goals alongside adolescents; exploring youth’s sense of mattering and quantifying it; literacy & identity in the classroom; and more.

My professional training encompasses community development, emergency response, conflict negotiation, classroom management systems, collaborative problem solving using reflective practices of discipline, and maintaining equity and inclusion for different identities in the workplace.

As a classroom and intervention special education teacher at Hamilton Grange Middle School, I practiced collaborative problem solving, a useful problem-solving process with both adolescents and adults; set personal growth goals, observed, and debriefed with 5 teaching staff in math, science, and humanities classrooms; and conducted behavioral analysis and developed behavioral interventions.

Additionally, as a Corps Member of the Teach For America NY Corps 2015, I participated in an intensive summer teacher training institute, where I engaged in professional development activities, including seminars, discussion groups, workshops, readings, and learning teams’ specific to teaching exceptional adolescents in communities that have been historically marginalized and economically disadvantaged. I will be returning to TFA’s intensive summer teacher training institute this summer (July 2019) as a Mentor Teacher, where I will be observing classrooms as the master classroom teacher to ensure a productive learning environment with high student achievement as well as coaching teachers in training through reflection and feedback on pedagogy and classroom management.

Lastly, my facilitation of learning experiences and interventions across various age groups and settings focused on relationship building provides me with different contexts and tools to utilize. At Hamilton Grange Middle School, I facilitated learning in 6-8 literacy-focused math and science classrooms, both Integrated-co teaching and general education settings, provided Special Education Teacher Support Services in humanities and math; developed and implemented interdisciplinary experiential learning units and managed the various implementation moving parts; as well as developed standard-based achievement and growth trackers as well as a facilitation system that was replicated in other math and science classrooms. Furthermore, as an intervention specialist at the American Sign Language & English High School, I circulated in various math and physics classrooms, observing and identifying struggling students, grades 9-12, to facilitate in-class or small group academic intervention. These experiences provide invaluable contexts and tools that will allow me to excel in facilitating the learning needed to meet your personal goals. Moreover, as a Special Education Student Information System (SESIS) Trainer at the NYC Department of Education and as a Consultant with The Arthur Project, I adopted my facilitation of learning experiences and curriculum development skills to aid in the professional development of full-time professionals and adult learners.

I enjoy exploring different methods and strategies to figure out what works best for the learner. Guiding the learning and allowing the student to develop the skills so that they will not need me.


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Mike G.

An amazing guy! He looked out for me. met me where I was and he worked me hard. Grades in math went up by 10 points and I passed my Geometry regents with an 80 (after I failed the first time with a 62)!!! Cant thank him enough!
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July 04, 2019

Rosa V.

Fun, caring, and individualized the learning for my child.
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July 03, 2019

Frequently asked questions

-Discussing what they have tried and what they know works and doesn't for them. 

-Discuss the general goals of the tutoring, managing and clarifying expectations.

-Assess the student's current achievement levels and set goals with the student.

-Create a strategic plan of tutoring and expectation from me, as the tutor, and you as the student. 

M.S. Teaching Exceptional Adolescents 

Teach For America Fellow

Americorps Education Fellow

Taught Middle School and conducted academic and behavioral interventions in both middle and high schools. 

Extensive research on teaching and pedagogy. 

Trained to work with exceptional students on both ends of the achievement spectrum (high achieving and those with special learning needs). 

I have a passion for teaching since I was a kid. I used to tutor the neighbors and play a classroom teacher with my cousins. I am interested in working on education policy and started working in the public school system to gain the insight needed to improve policy.  

As young as second-grader up to adult professionals. 

High achievers and those with learning needs and disabilities. 

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