Offers online services
Offers online services


Business Mission:

The company’s prime mover is to provide quality tutoring lessons for reasonable rates that each client may think worthy of another’s choice and, thus, refer us to another for similar services.

General Context Description:

The industry background of tutoring as a service has its roots at the dawn of civilization, notably with Aristotle as the paradigmatic tutor of Alexander the Great, teaching his pupil curricula of wide breadth and vast scope, ultimately leading to success in terms of the pupil’s intentions. Tutoring continued through the Renaissance and brought attention to the correspondence form (e.g., Descartes and Princess Elizabeth’s tutoring via epistolary exchange on metaphysical topics such as the possibility of mind-body dualism). Those paradigms of tutoring as service, however, are not reliable for understanding how tutoring works today qua service for high school students (and WillTutor’s customers are usually grades 9-12).

Tutoring in the twenty-first century in the United States takes a different form from its earlier developments largely because of the advancements in technology that have enabled the tutoring industry to reach more audiences than ever before. Tutoring services tend to stand divided based on the audience for whom proprietors and/or corporate owners market the service(s). In the literature on tutoring as a profession, the consensus holds that there are two main options for tutoring platforms as businesses. The first is the franchise based company that bifurcates into learning centers (e.g., Huntington Learning Center, Kumon), on the one hand, and independent contractors as tutors, on the other. WillTutor has employed the latter approach for its tutors in that the company has had its business come partly from WyzAnt Tutoring, Parliament Tutors, TutorSpree, and other companies. Some companies (e.g., Champion Learning Center) specifically cater to low-income populations and receive federal funding due in large part to the No Child Left Behind programs. Tutoring has also been reputed as a service for low achieving students who are falling behind in whichever subjects they seek private instruction. Tutors today, however, are “now being used far more to [1] guide students through particularly tough courses, [2] insure their grades are equal to or above their peers’ and, in the end, [3] polish a child’s college application.” In this way, tutors are sought out in much the same way as tutors were traditionally sought out in the above description.

WillTutor addresses this contemporary student who seeks tutoring in subject-matter that challenges his or her reasoning abilities in quantitative, verbal, and languages other than English. Because parents and individual students themselves seek out tutoring beyond the hard cast mold of tutoring the cognitively and/or economically disadvantaged, the market for tutoring services has expanded and, thus, it is no surprise that spending on tutoring increases each year, as executive director of the Education Industry Association Steven Pines reports, “more than five percent a year.”

In what follows I sketch out a picture of the different segments or platforms by which tutoring can proceed as a service. These include the online medium/modality, the in-person (in-home, in public venue, etc), and the combination of the two.

The online format is accessible to clients who are interested in tutoring lessons with subject-matter as ancient languages, symbolic logic, calculus, proofreading, and English Language Arts. (WillTutor has provided services for clients in these subject areas and has experience with handling their respective curricula.)

For all subjects does the in-person tutoring lesson provide an opportunity for clients to work hands on with a tutor. The two main platforms for in-person tutoring are in-home services and public venues. For the former, WillTutor insists on conditions, stipulations, provisos that lessons must be conducted under – largely for the safety of both the tutor and the client. (Compare WyzAnt In-Home Tutoring’s similar guidelines and stipulations.) The public venue options include either public or private libraries, classrooms, student centers, university campus junctions, and other areas that allow for tutoring lessons.

Tutoring via phone is an option for clients interested in essay writing, having papers proofread by WillTutor’s tutor(s), ELA (more generally), reading classical languages, and ESL. Combined segments of online tutoring (e.g., Skype, Vyew, White Board) and phone allow tutors and clients to engage in both platforms simultaneously; this allows for two to yield more than one. In most instances, some sessions are conducted solely online, others solely over the telephone with Skype. WillTutor has conducted lessons in the ancient languages (both Greek and Latin), symbolic logic, calculus I, proofreading, GRE: Analytical Writing, and other subject areas via this mixed segment option; our clients have found this method of tutoring paradigm satisfactory.

I like tutoring the subjects that I tutor because it helps me keep together a business.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    The typical process for working with a new student involves diagnostic exams, question and answer, and other processes.  Essentially figuring out what the student already knows and does not know is the typical process for working with a new student.

    I've studied at Columbia University, New York University, Syracuse University, C.W. Post, Loyola New Orleans, Farmingdale University, Tulane University, The University of Chicago, Cornell University, the Goethe Institut (in Germany), and others. I earned my A.B. from Tulane University magna cum laude in classical languages and philosophy. I received Tulane's oldest prize, the Judah Touro Medal, for excellence in the ancient languages and philosophy. The University of Chicago awarded me a full tuition fellowship to its Master's program with a concentration in classical languages and philosophy. Having completed the program I am now a doctoral candidate, though taking some time off to reflect, in a dual PhD program (classics and philosophy) at Cornell University.

    During my time on leave from Cornell, I have tutored all sorts of people in multiple subjects including the ancient languages, mathematics, writing, and test preparation. For more information on my tutoring see my company's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/willtutor/info).  

    “I think that you have more options than many students I've known… I think you are lucky to have options that allow you to use your creative talent and to investigate issues that mean a lot to you.” – Martha C. Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago Law School

    “From early on Will made a systematic effort to become familiar with the important works in the tradition; he was always ready to track down any link he discovered in one text to another and to read any secondary literature recommended to him; he plunged into his study of Greek and Latin, and when he realized German would be a benefit, he enrolled in a Goethe Institute summer language course.” – Ronna Burger, Department of Philosophy, Catherine & Henry J. Gaisman Chair, Sizeler Professor of Jewish Studies, Tulane University

    Online lessons for ancient language tutoring, for one full sixty minute hour, are, as market price reflects and supports, sixty dollars per hour.  WillTutor charges fifty dollars per hour for standardized test preparation and generally places a minimum number of three tutoring hours per lesson.  For in-home tutoring, or tutoring at a public venue, the hourly rate still holds with the added, if it be necessary, costs for transportation. Costs for combined segments remain under the constraints of the segment modalities and media requested.  

    I have been teaching for nearly fifteen years.  

    I have worked with all sorts of students.

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