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I've been tutoring professionally for ten years now! What makes me great at what I do is the fact that I'm interested in everything. I love learning and exploring new things on my own. In my free time, I'm a writer, musician, podcaster, an avid reader, and I love martial arts too. This makes it easy and natural for me to connect with students as I'm genuinely interested in what they love, and I want to know more about that as much as I want to teach them about math and science. This makes my lessons fun, enjoyable, and of course, instructive! My service is also a life lesson in goal setting, planning, working towards something, and achieving the goal. Then, when they reach that goal... it's priceless! I know that when students walk away from our lessons, they feel more confident and at ease with their studies and excited about their future.

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The best thing about what I do is making education fun and enjoyable--because it should be. I love learning, and I never stop doing so! I also enjoy helping my students see that they are truly capable of anything they set their mind to, and how that lesson can pour over into whatever it is they're passionate about doing in their life. It's all about setting my students up to achieve in life, as well as in Geometry and Chemistry!


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    The k.

    Derek is a superb tutor. He is very knowledgeable and has unique way of connecting and making my daughter comfortable and at ease. Every tutoring session she has had with Derek has yielded an A.
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    March 10, 2022


    Ellen V.

    He was funny, patient and understood my learning style rather than making me need to fit his style. Even when I got frustrated, he was there to walk me through it and I ended up understanding the material and getting a good grade in the class - thanks!
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    July 15, 2020
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    Sheri B.

    Derek has been tutoring my son all through high school including 4 years of math from Algebra to Calculus AB, along with Chemistry and Physics. He has a great rapport with my son. Hes extremely likable and easy going. Derek cares about his students and builds their confidence. I highly recommend him.
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    July 05, 2020


    Reggie S.

    My son enjoys his sessions with Derek. It is very interactive.
    Derek has the ability to simplify and explain concepts/theories/problems. He has also been quite accommodating with our crazy schedule. Thank you Derek!
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    July 02, 2020
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    Nia C.

    Derek is incredibly informative. He has a real talent for making difficult concepts seem simple and easy to understand. My daughter typically hates math, but her skills and her understanding of math have definitely improved since she started tutoring with Derek. She has a lot more interest in the subject now.
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    June 27, 2020
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    Exceedingly P.

    Derek is an amazingly diverse tutor. No matter what the subject or level within, for which I have called him, he has always been able to tutor my kids...starting with high school in 2014 with my son and continuing with my daughter who is now in college. The grade difference and the understanding of the subject each of my kids experienced was marked. Derek is patient and his interest in my children went beyond just tutoring. He provided support and instilled confidence in them on the subject matter. I would and do recommend him to any parent who mentions the need, with as much confidence as is humanly possible. I will stop here but not because there is not more to say....from algebra to Calculus; AP Chemistry to college level Chem; AP Physics, etc., he has helped my kids and in particular my daughter who has maintained a 4.0 average in every subject including those where Derek had to step in to make up for a professor who just could not teach...
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    June 27, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    It's essential that the first session is fun and informative and who I'm working with leaves feeling confident that they really can do well in their class. When education is boring, it's harder. When our effort isn't moving us forward, it's frustrating. That's what the first session and every session after that is all about. Making education fun, and reassuring that the extra effort my students put in with me will absolutely pay off!

    I also like to find out a little background from my student, such as past grades, how their teacher structures their class, and their overall impression of the class. Doing this helps us set goals together about what they want from their classes and myself. Not everyone wants an A, but I, of course, challenge my students just a bit beyond their comfort zone to help them see how capable they truly are. 

    In those first few sessions, I want to get as much information about why a student is struggling so I can fix those issues. Sometimes someone is just having trouble connecting with their teacher, so they need different examples and explanations to learn the topic from a different angle. Other times it's that the student is missing some major concepts from years previous when the struggle actually started. Now my job is about filling those holes while also keeping them up to pace with the current lessons.

    Tutoring definitely requires a case by case, student by student approach, and I can adapt to anyone's needs, challenges, and goals! 

    I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and have been a professional tutor since 2010. I consider myself an expert problem-solver, which is what initially attracted me to Engineering. I love solving problems, but I didn't discover that the problem I wanted to solve was Education until after College. Since then, I've dedicated my life to that mission of improving education and one of the ways I get to do that is by working with students to make their educational experience more enjoyable. And get the grades they want and need, of course! I've helped hundreds of students to get over the hurdles in the classroom so they can get pursuing their passions and dreams.

    Sessions are $89/hr and I also offer the opportunity to purchase packages of 5 or 10 hrs worth of sessions which can bring the price down to $80.10/hr. I also offer group sessions where the cost is as low as $30 an hour. My prices are determined from my years of experience and the results I always achieve with my students. With my rate, I try to ensure I only take on a certain number of students at a time. I tutor FULL TIME. So, you know that you're getting someone who will be energetic and ready to go for your lesson. Also, each student gets a FREE recording of our sessions. I come prepared, and I set goals with my students so we can be sure we're moving forward. 

    I've been teaching since High School in a way; from helping friends to running study groups in college. When I left college not really wanting to do what I went to school for, I went in search for what really made me passionate. Teaching was it and I set out to do it in the way I thought best. 

    I've worked with students from Elementary school up to College level math (Calculus). I've worked with students who were really struggling to just pass their class, and I've worked with students who wanted to go from a 95 to a 100. Every student is different to me and I explain things in a way that works best for whoever is in front of me. That's why it's important to get to know my student's interests a little so I can use those as examples and analogies in the concepts I'm explaining. I also just like getting to know people and I'm genuinely interested in what my students are interested in. 

    I just got married : )

    I started a Podcast (More Than A Story)!

    I wrote a novel! (Fictional Mystery... next step is to get it published!)

    It's all about the fit. Don't hire someone who you can't have a general conversation with. I know with tutoring there's an agenda to get things done and learn as much as possible, but if you can't enjoy your time with whoever you're working with, you're going to dread every minute and that will just add to the feelings of annoyance and frustration towards that subject. That just won't help.

    Think about your goal. The question I will ask a student on our first session is, "what has to happen by the end of the year, or this quarter, etc. to make you feel like these sessions were a success?" If you have an answer to that, you'll be able to find questions to ask teachers about how they will make that happen. "How can you help me raise my grade from an 85 to a 95?" I hope that helps!

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