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Offers online services


I am a math professor at SUNY Albany. I have a Ph.D. in math and an M.S. in statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, I graduated from a math high school in Bulgaria, where I also participated in and won a number of math competitions and olympiads. I have been taching and tutoring math ever since finishing high school and have worked with high school students through numerous other math venues. As a university professor I feel frustrated with the disservice the high school math education here does to the students. I am often invited to give talks to high school math teachers in this country on how they should be teaching math differently and better, so I know things that they can never offer you in the classroom and I will be bringing all of my expertise to my work with you. I would love to teach you all the proper and better way to learn, understand, and do math. I know that this will help you prosper and flourish in your academic pursuits and I would love to help make this happen for you. I will also teach you from the perspective of what is needed to succeed not just on your tests but also in college and beyond.

I love helping people discover the beauty of mathematics, begin to feel empowered by their newly found knowledge and understanding of it and go on to achieve things they never thought possible before.


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Offers online services


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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics

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    cashawnda R.

    I loved working with Miss Zlatkova. She was the best. Always worked hard to fit me into her schedule. Really she always made time. I can tell she loved what she did Never made me feel bad when I didnt know the answer. She always encouraged me. I loved that she encouraged me to use my head sometimes and not just rely on the calculator. She always met with me to prepare for tests. With her help I was able to achieve a B!!!! She rocks!!!!! You wont be disappointed!!!
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    December 19, 2023
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    Michelle ).

    She helps my daughter a lot . My daughter improves her score up to 90s instead of 70s .
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    March 09, 2020


    Ivana A.

    Everything! She was professional and most importantly helped me do much better in my math studies than I had ever imagined possible. By the end of my time working with Ivana, I knew more math than my math teacher in high school.
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    March 08, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I make sure to first understand the student's educational goals.  After that I assess their level of preparation to be able to achieve their educational goals.  Lastly, we make a plan on how to proceed with preparing the student to reach their educational goals, making adjustments along the way as the need arises. 

    I am a math professor at UAlbany with a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, which is one of the best math Ph.D. programs in the world.  I also attended a highly selective and regorous math high school in Bulgaria, where I am from originally, where a participated in and won a number of math competitions and olympiads.  All of these educational experiences as well as others have given me a deep and thorough training in all levels of math.  Through my work I have taught, tutored, and worked with students through math programs which I created for more than 15 years and have helped a great number of students excel in math.  

    Your investment in working with me would be $35 an hour, which a bargain for working a mathematician with such qualifications, considering the insights into math that I could give you.

    I first started tutoring in college and teaching as a Ph.D. student in Berkeley.  I began doing outreach work with high school students also as a college student and that continued over the years and grew into my creating my own math programs for high school students in 2016 in the Albany, NY area, which I was inspired to create to help students reach their true potential and excel in math.  I enjoy seeing students begin to feel at ease with and enjoy math and it brings me great satisfaction to know that they will be able to use that to achieve great things in their lives in the future. 

    I have worked with all kinds of students - students who were initially struggling with math but ended up excelling in their goals after working with me, students who already enjoyed math but were looking for more challenging math problems to work on and had their eyes open to a whole new world of possibilities after working with me, students who needed tutoring for a specific test, or on a specific topic, or to prepare for a specific exam (a standardized test or a qualifying exam in their profession) and who have ended up surprising even themselves with how well they did on the exam after working with me.  And I will be very happy to help you and achieve your math goals as well.

    I am always happy to hear how much better students are doing in math after working with me and that happens a lot, including recently.

    For best results you need the most qualified teacher.  Someone who has a deep knowledge of the material at many levels will be best able to guide to the proper way to learn math as they see the big picture in addition to knowing how to help you with your current educational goals.  If a teacher has credentials of the highest quality, consider how often you get the chance to talk to someone like that and do not pass up this opportunity.

    Students can talk to me about anything and I will be happy to help them sort out any confusion they may have about what their are or should be and how to achieve them.  

    I am looking forward to help you achieve and exceed your goals with more ease than you ever thought possible!

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