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Offers online services


Hello, friends! My name is William, and I’m a science and math tutor based out of Las Vegas, NV. I have bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and am finishing up my PhD in Physics (with an emphasis in Chemistry and materials science) this fall. With over 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience, I’ve taught introductory physics in the classroom setting, and I have tutored students from the ages of eight to sixty-eight to improve classroom grades, prepare for advancement tests or simply for the joy and personal enrichment of learning.

I firmly believe that the best knowledge comes from doing, and I encourage my students to see math as a tool rather than a task for memorization. Practically, that means that I do no more than half the talking in a tutoring session. Frequently, I will ask students to explain concepts or steps in a problem back to me as a way of seeing how much they understand. I'm not around just to hand out answers to the problem in front of a student -- I'm here to hand out tools to solve problems they haven't even seen yet!

One thing that math students often despair of is knowing what the math they are learning is *for*. "When will I ever use this?" is a dreaded question among teachers and tutors alike. Luckily, my background is mostly in physics and chemistry -- that is what math is actually for! Being able to show real-world connections is key to keeping students interested in what might be otherwise dry material.

The other issue commonly plaguing math students is the idea that there is just a lot of math to memorize. There is a lot of math out there, true, but every bit of it is built on baby steps while leaning heavily on what you've learned before. Leveraging a student's past successes, however small, is the key to building mathematical confidence.

I'm excited to get to work with you to achieve your academic goals. Send me a message if you've got any questions about tutoring or if you want to chat about baking bread or rogue-like video games!

There's nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a student "get it" after they've been struggling with a problem. After earning degrees in math and physics, preparing a PhD disertation and spending more than a decade tutoring and teaching, that moment remains my favorite experience.

If you're struggling in a class or preparing for an AP test, the MCAT, DAT, OAT or SAT, let me help. You'll be glad you did!


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Frequently asked questions

I always start by asking a student what they think is giving them the most difficulty or worry.  If we're starting from the beginning of a class or topic together, then great -- I can make sure they're solid on the important pillars of the topic before we move on.  If I'm meeting them in the middle of a class or process, as I often am, I like to see them try to work a problem or listen to them explain a topic as best they can.  They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it, and the best way for me to see what the student needs to focus on is for them to try to teach something to me.

I hold two B.S. degrees -- one in computational physics and one in mathematics.  I'm about to defend my PhD in computational physics.

My normal rate is $40/hour with the first hour session at $20.  

While I was an undergraduate, the tutoring center at my university was trying to recruit STEM students and I gave it a try.  I'm glad I did!  I've tutored for over a decade now, been a substitute teaching for high schools and taught classes for undergraduates.

I've worked with lots of middle and high schoolers and I have two boys, currently 8 and 16.  Most of my high school students find me when they are taking AP Chemistry or AP Physics and need help preparing for their AP exams.

I've also worked with lots of college students.  Almost everyone needs at least some help when they're taking their first college physics, algebra or calculus class.  I went to college late, and so I particularly like working with returning students, including veterans.

I have a black and white rescue cat that was over 10 years old and had just been hit by a car when I found her last year.  She's been slowly opening up to me as I nursed her back to health, but she's still very skittish.  Recently, I woke up to discover that she was sleeping on my pillow next to me.  <3

Hiring a good tutor is less about finding someone who can prove they know the subject.  It's more about finding someone who is concerned that you know the subject.

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