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Amber Q's Private Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have passion for helping others understand concepts, increase mastery of skills, and to gain confidence and empowerment through their education. Helping people to cultivate and develop into better versions of themselves through professional, ethical, and caring instruction, makes me feel I have succeeded in my own small way in making our society stronger and better. By providing safe, caring, and esteem-promoting academic understanding, I feel I have not only helped that person gain a skill to complete a course or pass a test, but I have taught him/her ways to assist in further education, given him/her a roadmap to reach future goals, and helped him/her be even more confident and motivated to reach goals he/she might have been hesitant to pursue before. I seek to treat the individual, the person, and I give the right amount of respect, professional care, and genuine interest in their success as a person that many are naturally drawn to me because they sense I truly want to help them. I know I have experience, knowledge, and the proper education degree to help students reach their goals.


Serves Las Vegas , NV
Offers online services


Grade level

Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, Adult learner

Type of math

General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra

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    Frequently asked questions

    My process for working with my students is to determine what are their goals and needs, their personal learning styles, and to use multiple individual and technological approaches to help them best understand and work with the content their classes require of them. I also believe strongly in making the learning experience meaningful, personalized, and as enjoyable and real-life experience relatable as possible. The age of my students doesn't matter, as I have worked with elementary age up to adults.

    I have a Bachelors degree in Educational Studies and I have done private tutoring over the past 10+ years.  Mostly students have come to me needing help in math, but I have experience in English, Science, and History studies also.  Additionally, I have strong backgrounds in essay composition, creative writing, nutritional health, fitness, and music, as these have been personal hobbies in my life.  I can play guitar and keyboard and write music, so if students have questions about melody, chord progression, etc., I may be able to help them with that also.

    I typically ask an average of $15-20/hr for instruction.  I am more flexible for students that travel greater distances to meet in person with me and/or are long-term students of mine.  Depending on the student's financial situation and the complexity of his/her tutoring needs, I work with students to help them the best that I can.

    Right after graduting from high school, I worked for Clark County in recreation and was quickly given additional duties of teaching crafts to children ages 6-14 and occasionally seniors due to my craft knowledge and skill.  When I saw how favorably the students responded to my personable style and my class grew to double its original size, I started thinking I may have a talent in teaching others.  After successfully tutoring children and some adults, I realized how much helping them learn gave me positive purpose in my life, and I decided I wanted to make it my career.

    I have worked with students in a variety of ages from 5-17 and also with young adults 18-26.  Mostly, the younger students have required math, reading, science, and social sciences.  Mainly the older students have asked for help in passing math and science proficiencies for high school graduation and college course credit.  Occasionally, I have helped both ages with composition writing and English skills as well.

    Upon completion of tutoring with my latest female student, I found a small note on my residence fence, letting me know she had taken the proficiency exam again and had finally passed it.  She thanked me sincerely for all the help I had given her in understanding and applying the skills she used to pass and graduate.  I hold this as a fond memory because I know she had low self-esteem about her math and science knowledge and yet yearned to graduate and enter criminal justice studies to develop a good career.  I am very happy I was able to help her overcome those hurdles to be that much closer to reaching her goals and personal independence as a young woman.

    I would advise the student to find a teacher that is patient and compassionate with a strong desire to truly help the student attain his/her goals with the most attention paid to that student's individual needs.  Secondly, the experience and passion of the teacher to help in the area of tutoring need is important.  Teachers who have experience and higher knowledge, as well as a genuine drive to help students succeed in reaching their goals and attaining self-confidence in their abilities to achieve greater levels of excellence, are the kind of people you want helping you to learn better.

    They need to think about asking has the teacher helped students with this subject or project before and how would they go about assisting them with this type of academic goal.  They should look at the teacher's comfort and ease communicating and expressing what they have helped students with in the past and how they intend to focus on helping this student with his/her needs. Teachers who are more concerned with the money and just putting in the time - and not on the quality of instruction and assistance with student understanding of the material - are not the type of people you want to look to for compassion, patience, and understanding of your (or your child's) needs.  Paying attention to these signs should give the student (and his/her parents) a good idea if this teacher may be a good match for them.

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