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Ms. Kay Math Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Formerly from New York City, I have always had an affinity for being able to break down math concepts in understandable ways. I attempt to teach math, not show and tell. Math is a building skill. Without a proper foundation, developing strong math skills becomes very challenging. I attempt to incorporate how a student thinks into the learning process.

I thoroughly enjoy the smiles on my student's faces when they understand a concept that may have been challenging to them. I enjoy them "teaching" me what they learned because if they can explain what they are doing, I know that they have a good understanding of the concepts.


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Offers online services


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High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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Pre-algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus

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    pail K.

    Ms. Kay helped our daughter Olivia grasp, understand and successfully improve her high school algebra and calculus grades!
    We tried other tutors, but quickly saw they weren’t having a breakthrough with Olivia, then what a relief that Ms. Kay was able to create a breakthrough and help Olivia with learning math so that it all clicked. Ms. Kay is a talented tutor, professional educator, naturally engaging and so very pleasant. As a parent, it was so nice to hear our daughter laugh at times while learning algebra with Ms. Kay, I think that part says it all.
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    February 12, 2024


    james R.

    Ms. Kay is very knowledgeable and works on following fundamental processes to teach. Ms. Kay is very good at aligning the application of what she teaches with how it is in the real world. My son learns a great deal from Ms. Kay every session and can regularly apply that knowledge. While my son is only 14 and taking college math classes, Ms. Kay is able and patient enough to keep working to reach him and see him progress with the results he expects of himself.
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    January 11, 2024


    Kate E.

    During my time with Ms. Kay, I became so much more confident in my math abilities thanks to her help. Whenever we ran into a tough problem, we would talk through it together to see what we thought about how to solve it. If I was stuck, she didnt give me the answer but instead helped me to understand the process of solving said problem so I would find the answer on my own and be able to solve similar problems by recognizing how to get the answer. She never gave up on me and encouraged me to persevere to overcome my anxiety about math. She taught me that I wasnt bad at math, and I was anxious about it because I previously didnt comprehend some of the tougher topics. With the help of Ms. Kay, I became more confident and achieved an A in my honors class. Im so grateful for her help!
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    June 08, 2021


    Mac F.

    She’s good at actually teaching you instead of just showing you how to do your math. She helped me learn things when no one else could.
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    May 18, 2021


    Eva Y.

    She’s so personable and kind, it really made my tutoring experience very enjoyable. I always felt very good about asking her questions if I was confused, she’s very supportive and helpful :)
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    May 18, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I attempt to understand the questions and challenges a student may be having with certain math concepts. I ask questions regarding a student's foundational knowledge of a concept to connect what they may already know to new concepts.

    I am an alumni of Teach for America. I have been tutoring math for over 20 years prior to arriving in Las Vegas. I formerly taught full time in Las Vegas from 2014-2018 at Western HS and Agassi Prep (currently known as Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus). 

    I earned my Masters In Education for Math Curriculum and Instruction from UNLV.

    I usually charge $45 per hour with a minimum session of 1 hour per session.

    I started tutoring when I was in junior high school because my friends liked how I can break down the math that we were being taught into ways that made sense to them. I carried that math skill through high school and through college. I recall one of my college professors trying to get me to go into teaching full time but I was set on being a Finance major and making it to Wall Street. While working for the New York Stock Exchange and many other financial industry since then, I have always tutored in math while maintaining a full time day job. Teaching math is and will always be a part of who I am and what I do.

    I have worked with students of all age groups - from kindergarten and first graders all the way up to college students / adult learners. I have worked with autistic students (including students with Aspergers,) students with IEPs/504s, general education students and honors students.

    I ran into one of former students while I was out and about. She recognized me and was so happy when I recognized her. She got choked up and emotinal when she told me how happy she was to see me and how happy she will be when she tells her mother that she ran into me. She told me how much my tutoring afterschool helped her. She said that she learned so much and understood so much more, more than she ever thought she could, when it comes to math. She was also very appreciative of the life lessons, wisdom nuggets, and humor I was able to interject into our tutoring sessions. She said she had a lot of fun but she also learned a lot and was very grateful.

    Meet with the teacher and talk to them. Find out if your personalities match or clash. It is very difficult to learn from someone who does not take interest in you as a person. It is exceedingly challenging to have a conducive learning environment with someone that you dislike and/or distrust.

    What, if any, techniques or resources have already been tried/used to assist in the learning process?

    Are there any notes that have been provided by the teacher that can assist in working through problems?

    Do you understand your learning style and how you learn the best - visual, kinetically (more physical hands-on activities), aurally (listening), etc.?

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