Mathnasium Of Green Valley And Mathnasium Of Anthem

Mathnasium Of Green Valley And Mathnasium Of Anthem



We teach math in the way that makes sense to each individual student. We focus on conceptual development and deeper understanding of the material. We develop mathematical intuition and number sense... and most of all, we increase confidence and teach students how to enjoy learning math!

I love teaching math. It is my life's passion and purpose. I love sitting with students and watching them experience that "light bulb" moment when the understanding happens. I love seeing students learn to enjoy math instead of fearing it. I love seeing my students succeed.


30 employees
11 years in business
Serves Henderson , NV

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Grade level

Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

Type of math

General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics

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    Frequently asked questions

    We assess each student to find out if they have gaps in his or her mathematical development.  This assessment is very refined and will show us the specific concepts the student has mastered and those he or she has not.  

    We then build a personalized learning plan based on the results of that assessment.  Each of our students works on materials specifically designed for them.  We work at the speed with which the student is most comfortable.

    We offer homework help and test preparation, as well.

    I taught high school math for over 20 years.  I taught all levels of math from Pre-Algebra to Advanced Calculus, including IB and AP courses.  My instructors are highly trained in the Mathnasium method and closely mentored by me in pedagogy and teaching practices.

    Our program works a bit like a gymnasium membership: we offer unlimited daily attendance for a monthly fee.  We offer a 3 month enrollment, a 6 month enrollment and a 12 month enrollment option.

    I began teaching in 1990 at Valley High School.  I spent 22 years teaching at Green Valley High School.  I always felt compelled to teach.  After a few years in the classroom, I realized that teaching is my calling.  I have dedicated my life to teaching and learning ever since.

    I am constantly learning new ways communicate and foster a love of math with my students.  This is what makes math education come alive for me.

    We have worked with Pre-school children, teaching them the very foundations of math.  We have worked with adults preparing for professional exams like the Praxis and the TEES exams.  And we have worked with every kind of student between.

    We work with advanced students looking for enrichment, struggling students looking to catch up, as well as those just looking for some greater understanding of the math.

    We have several students who have moved from remedial math classes to Honors and AP math classes under our instruction.

    We have students who hated and feared math when they began working with us.  Now, they enjoy it and even pursue it in school.

    We have instructors at our center who began as students at our center... this is what our program can do!

    Find a teacher who is passionate about teaching and passionate about math.  Find a place where you feel comfortable and at ease.  Find a program that will build your confidence and understanding in math, not just provide answers.

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    Does this program include a plan for me, as an individual?

    Can I commit to the demands of this program in order to be successful?

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