Academic Ally: Math, English, Science, And History Tutoring.

Academic Ally: Math, English, Science, And History Tutoring.

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Offers online services
Offers online services


This nation is in a state of crisis and emergency as Covid19 barrels through, state by state, infected by infected, the shockwaves of the shutdown will be felt for years to come, and we need to do our part. This is why all of our revenue will be used for charity. As of right now, $200 has been donated to Feeding America and $70 has been given to help support local businesses in Las Vegas.

My team and I are extremely well-versed with a variety of online tools and services for both videoconferencing purposes as well as supplemental tools that are often given by school instructors themselves.

We also work towards independence with students. The ultimate goal of any instructor is to teach the student so well, they don't need you anymore. To achieve this goal, the tutor will also work with students to ensure they know how to find information online, proper ways to work search engines, important (and free) tools to help students, and a myriad of other subjects.

This is a brand new company that seeks to assist in these trying times and hopefully enact real change from our small corner.

While various tutors have various reasons, at the end of the day, there are fewer feelings more satisfying than having a student's face, regardless of age, light up with understanding and they say "Ohhhh" or "I get it now!"

Moreover, I have a personal guarantee that my work is making a difference and doing what I can to help the world around me.


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Offers online services

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    Juan Carlos De L.

    He goes above and beyond to ensure your success.
    Great person. Thank you
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    May 07, 2020
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    James B.

    Academic Ally provided an easy, affordable and comprehensive education. My instructor, Adi, is great with kids, and made doing homework a much more fun experience for my daughter. We will definitely come back to Adi and Academic Ally if she needs more tutoring, and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs tutoring.
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    April 16, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I contact either them or their parents and ask the student(s) directly what subject(s) they need the most help on, what concepts they are more/less familiar with, and their current methods of studying and learning. During this time, the tutors will also try to engage personally, learn some things about the students that could allow for the consolidation of trust and respect unilaterally. 

    This gives us great insight into the personal workings of each student. From there, we will give the students a lot of preliminary work that will progress to their current skill level and wherever there might be hangups, we will reinforce with more practice as well as careful and supportive instruction to get them on the right path. 

    For new students, I would meet in person, but considering the climate, online is much preferred as it is the safest.  

    All the tutors are in college and they all keep their ears to the pavement. They are well aware of the challenges throughout K-12 schooling systems, but they have also had immense success despite the difficulties and they continue to adapt and maintain the standard of excellence. 

    All of the tutors have also worked at Kumon: Math and Reading that excels at getting students to achieve mastery of a certain subject/concept but places less emphasis on student-led exploration and learning. The Academic Allies that will be working with your student will incorporate both themes to make your student even better equipped and more capable to help bring them a brighter future. 

    $12/hour online

    There is no other option for format, but that is the ideal payment. We are focused on charity and donating whatever we earn towards helping those most affected by food insecurity during these trying times and local businesses, so whatever can be contributed is greatly appreciated and will be put towards a good cause. 

    As stated before, we all started at Kumon, a math and reading tutoring center, but all of our instructors had the desire to teach from an early age. Kumon was the first place that any of them got teaching experience and all of them have years of experience working with students both before and after that within their high schools and communities. 

    Various tutors have worked with various students, but collectively, Academic Ally has worked with students with Autism, ADHD, Speech Impediments, Dyslexia, and many other differently-abled individuals. In addition, our Allies have worked with hundreds of students from cultures spanning the entire world and are extremely respectful and courteous of everyone. 

    "What specific thing am I having trouble with and where does that come from?"

    If a student is having trouble, for example, with a quadratic equation, and after thinking about the underlying problem, they realize they don't understand how to factor, the tutor is given valuable information they can use to help the student build a strong foundation to move forward. 

    "What do I want to get out of this?'

    There are way too many variables per student and having specific goals will help build a more specific plan and syllabus to help the student improve. 

    "What do I already know?"

    This gives the tutors a framework with which they can create more specific lesson plans and less time is wasted on information the student does not need reviewing at the moment. 

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