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My service stands out because I am a highly qualifed Nevada certified high school and middle school math teacher. I am also a Nevada certified elementary teacher. I was a teacher in Illinois for 28 years and I have tutored exclusively for 3 years. I was also certified in Illinois in all of the above areas, plus I was certified in special education in learning disabilities and hearing impairement.

I enjoy learning new things and sharing them with my students. I want my students to learn to like math. Many people don't like math and that makes it hard to learn. I show my students interesting relationships between numbers and different ways to solve problems that might be easier for them to understand. Sharing my knowledge and making relationships with my students is what I enjoy most about what I do.


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Frequently asked questions

I usually spend the first few lessons evaluating the student as we work on his current class work.  I evaluate what they are currently struggling with, as well as identifying prerequisite skills that he might have not learned that is preventing him from learning the current materials.  I also make an effort to get to know the student to form a more personal relationship.  This includes what they like to do outside of school and what activities he is involved in.

I mentioned earlier that I am a Nevada high school and middle school certified teacher. I am also a certified Nevada elementary teacher. I have 28 years of teaching experience in Illinois. I moved here 3 years ago and became certified here. I have Illinois teaching certifications and experience in special education as well.

I charge $50 an hour for a one hour individual session. This way each child’s individual needs are met.

I was a teacher in Illinois for 28 years. I had always wanted to be a teacher.  I come from a family of teachers including my mom, both grandmothers and even 2 of my great grandparents.  I majored in special education and elementary education in college at Norther Illinois University and have taught ever since. I also have received my masters in special education, as well as taken many math education classes and professional development classes.

I have worked with many different types of students in my career. I have taught learning disabled students, general education elementary students in 3-5 grades and middle school math students. While teaching middle school I taught the honors/gifted students for 6 of those years including honors geometry and algebra. While tutoring I have helped students with all areas of their education including math up through algebra 2, and consumer math and college remedial math classes. I have worked with science, government and history classes and English classes.

One recent event I am fond of is helping my students prepare for their final exams. Seeing understanding in my students’ eyes and helping them to understand so they are successful always makes me feel good. Throughout that week, I have students texting me telling me how well they did in their exams and how excited they are. To share in their excitement and success at s,is a wonderful part of my job tutoring them.

My advice to a student would be to look for knowledge in the subject area, as well as teaching experience and credentials. Teaching is an art. There are people who may know the subject matter but will have difficulty sharing his knowledge with others. A teacher with experience like I have, know many different techniques and ways to communicate to your student what he needs to know.

The more information that a student can give to a teacher about what they don’t understand and what they do, the better the teacher will be able to help. Saying “I don’t get it,” isn’t as helpful as, “I understand this part, but I don’t understand this.” Teachers are good at asking questions to identify the problem that the student has, so a student should try to answer as honestly and completely as he can.

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