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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have taught college courses and I have also been training and mentoring elementary through high school students for the last 10 years in Math, Sciences and Writing.

What I have come to realize over the years is that developing a strong foundation in math, science and writing at an early age enhances the students ability to learn and think and is crucial for success in later years. The best results I have had are with students who have come to me at the elementary level when I have been able to not only teach them the subject matter but also train them to think and build confidence in them. Many of them have gone on to do research in high school and are attending top colleges including Princeton University.

Doing a interdisciplinary Ph.D., in BioPhysical Chemistry has given me a strong quantitative background for teaching Math K -12. I not only helped with difficulties in current school homework, but also do long term training to develop a strong foundation in arithmetic and algebraic skills. Many of my students have gone on to win several Middle School Math Competitions including Math League & Math Olympiads.

I am a published author in leading scientific journals. I have written several grant applications. I have worked with students on college essays starting from brainstorming ideas to editing final essays.

I have developed a writing program for elementary students to improve their vocabulary, grammar and spelling, where I work with the student to read fiction and non fiction writing of reputed authors and teach them how to employ the skills learned in their own writing. For interested students I have developed a writing workshop that teaches them creative writing skills. My students have won many middle school writing awards such as 'Letters About Literature' and Scholastic writing awards.

Since I have a interdisciplinary Ph.D., I am qualified to teach all science areas. I have my own lesson plans with worksheets for the elementary and middle school students to learn from. Based on the interest and ability of the student I review topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science or Astronomy with corresponding worksheets to both master the facts and think scientifically. I can also help with school science home work and brain storm ideas for science projects. My goal is to get as many students as possible, interested in science and engineering, the industries of the future. Students who did elementary science with me have gone on to win Science Olympiads at middle school and high school divisions.

I do test prep for NNAT, OLSAT, SSAT, PAARC, ISEE, Terra Nova and G & T admissions.

I help each student set personal goals for themselves and help them achieve this. I am a caring, friendly, kind but firm teacher, who gets each student to reach his/her highest potential.

I enjoy my interactions with the students. I take a personal interest in the intellectual developmentt of each of my studnets. I am very pateint and always available to reteach a concept till the student understands it.


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Offers online services


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Alice R.

I was able to learn at a good pace for my learning rate. The tutoring I received in biology, chemistry, and calculus gave me a valuable jump start when I started college at Princeton University.
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September 11, 2019

Janet W.

Dr. B. Taught my child math from middle school through AP. He got a 5 on the AP and 800 on the SAT and got into his first choice college.
Her style is very personalized and she constantly adapts to the students need. she worked not only on the curriculum but also to make sure he truly understood the underlying concepts. By helping him stay well ahead of his grade level in math, it made school much easier for him and the confidence also helped him with other subjects.
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September 09, 2019

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I work online.  I use ziteboard and Skype video call to teach.

I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D., in BioPhysical Chemistry

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