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The Good Leaf is a learning company dedicated not only to strengthening curriculum understanding, but also to building better students. Last minute sessions to get prepared for a test are great, but it's much more effective to work with a tutor to build study skills, organizational and note taking techniques, and broaden critical and analytical thinking abilities. In focusing on these areas, tutoring has a lasting effect on the student's success, even after regular sessions have concluded. The same techniques and skills are imperative for success on standardized tests, which is another service offered by The Good Leaf.

The Good Leaf is more than a tutoring service, it is an academic resource for students and parents alike. Inquire for more details.

Encouraging students to succeed and helping them get there is an incredibly rewarding task. On top of that, I am introduced to so many brilliant, unique, and talented minds. It isn't their job, but my students always manage to teach me a thing or two as well.


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Karen C.

Amanda is an amazing math tutor. I am the co-founder of a private college admissions counseling practice and I use Amanda for all my students standardized test prep. I even used her for my own daughter with amazing results. Amanda knows both the SAT and ACT tests very well and she is able to coach students in the math and analytics as well as strategies for optimum test taking. She is one of the best tutors I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her.
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March 28, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Generally, the first appointment is all about getting to know the student. We spend this session discussing the student's concerns and weak areas as well as how we can overcome them. If the student has a test coming up, we will also review curriculum.

Once I have a better understanding of the student, how they think, how they learn, and the changes they would like to make, we go about making those changes at a comfortable pace for the student.

I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics and am gearing up to begin pursuing a master's degree. I have also been working as a tutor for a national company for three years, with two additional years of experience working with my university.

My rate is $100 per hour. In very special cases, this is negotiable.

A professor at Felician University recommended me for a tutoring job in our math lab. It never paid well, but it was a great experience. Dedicating some time in my life to support my peers in their academic careers was rewarding enough, and then I fell in love with it.

I've worked with students in elementary and all the way through the college years. The goals vary with age, but the process is the same. Identify the ways in which the student struggles, and give them the tools to overcome them.

Find someone you are comfortable with. A tutor could be the best teacher in the state, but if you don't click as people, you'll never be able to learn from them easily. Learning is all about creating the optimal environment for your brain, especially when its one on one.

In what ways do you feel you are struggling?

Are you understanding the material and still performing poorly on tests?

Are you struggling to learn in the environment you're in?

How have you tried to adapt in the past? Have you found anything that helps you to succeed?

How do you personally study math? Do you feel these methods have helped you?

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