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Offers online services
Offers online services


Our service is based on 3 key elements:

1. Credentials: The tutors running this business have received a 1600 SAT and a 36 ACT, both perfect scores. We also have perfect scores in the following AP exams: Biology, Chemistry, Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism, Physics C - Mechanics, Physics 1, Calculus BC, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Computer Science, Psychology, and English Language and Composition. Both tutors have also performed exceptionally well on the AMC exam and one of the tutors received a nationally ranked score on the AMC12: 132/150 which is in the top 1 percentile of test-takers and top 15 scorers in a competition of over 50,000.

2. Tutoring Experience: We have tutored through non-profits in the past and through this website for over 3 years. Both of us have worked with children ranging from as young as 3 years old to those in their 50s wanting to just learn mathematics. We have experience working with children who have an IEP and have developed a specialized program for them. We make sure to give the best service to our students.

3. We both are college students. One of us is a part of the Georgia Institute of Technology Class of 2025 for Computer Science and one of us attends Carnegie Mellon University for Computer Science. We have learned the material that we are teaching and scored our high scores not so long ago, so the methods we use and the way we teach is very up-to-date. We give homework and teach students in a way that will best suit the curriculum in today's classes, and that helps put our company above and beyond.


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Offers online services


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Neveen G.

This is a scam, and I strongly do not recommend Patel Tutoring to anybody. Heer Patel has NO experience in tutoring and does not know how to teach. She is only a freshman in college, so there is no way she has as much experience as she says. She insisted she takes her money in full at first, it is not session by session. Then, she promised a fixed meeting every Saturday, to which she failed to commit and her schedule is very loose. She wastes time and sits in silence as she makes my daughter do full practice exams without teaching her directly even as requested. If Heer does not let my daughter into the google meeting for however many minutes (10-15), she does NOT compensate and says that it is not her responsibility. She agreed to teach 20 sessions, only did 18, and refused to refund the last two sessions OR teach them. She does not have professional mannerisms in her responses, she takes a long time to text and in the end, ghosted us when we agreed to take the last two sessions at the time that she agreed with. Then, she silenced her notifications, shut her phone off, and never let my daughter into the last meeting. I am writing this out of concern for everybody that comes across this tutoring organization, do not trust her with your funds or your time.
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June 04, 2023

ethan S.

I have been working with this company for a couple months now. Two of my children are using their services for help in everything! What I love about this service is that they have specialities in certain subjects such as SAT and Mathematics and Science, but they are really good at teaching everything. Both my children are working with them several hours a week for every subject they are learning in school, and I am already seeing an increase in their focus and grades as well as my eldest daughters SAT score on practice tests. They guaranteed improvement when I bought their package, and they have proven themselves! On top of that, both my children say that working with them is engaging and fun, and I love that they dont treat this like boring tutoring and instead, some fun learning to look forward to! I love working with this service and would recommend that anyone try this service out if they just want an extra push in some classes, really need to score a lot higher, or just want to try learning something new.
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January 17, 2023

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SAT/ACT/AP Tutoring: Since both tutors have perfect scores and therefore greater credentials in these tests, we charge more for test-taking tutoring: 

per hour - 70

10 hour package - 675

20 hour package - 1300 

Regular tutoring

per hour - 60

10 hour package - 575

20 hour package - 1100

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College Admissions
Reading And Writing Tutoring
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