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Fun And Easy Math Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello I am Mr. Regan Jones and I have been a certified math teacher for over 20 years. I've taught middle school and high school in Elizabeth, Trenton and now Newark. You don't like math? You think math doesn't like you? Well that's because you never had me as a teacher!! I have taught students who were brilliant in math, students who hated math and even autistic students. They all learned and have become confident problem solvers. My students don't cut out of my class they try to cut INTO my class!!!! Why does everyone want to be in my class? Well, because I get to know what YOU like and how you learn and then tutor you in ways you can understand because I will show you how it is connected to things you already love!!! I promise that you will lean, have fun while you are learning and feel better about you and the wonderful world of mathematics. You are smarter than you know!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

Although I have a degree in Electrical Engineering I left the field to become a teacher because I love people and I love learning. There is great joy in seeing a student gain confidence in math and in themselves. My ultimate goal is to become unnecessary.The goal is for my students to easily do the math even when I'm not around.

It is great to see students grow from "OMG!!! I don't know how to even know how to begin this problem" to "OMG!!! That was easy!!!" Helping people become more confident in themselves brings me great joy, that's why I'm a teacher.


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Amy k.

I liked that me jones 2as able to simplify the task or math lesson in an easy way for everyone to understand I liked that he was able to help. Others comprehend with fun activities
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June 27, 2018

Jeanette P.

What I liked about working with Fun and Easy Math Tutoring is that it was exactly that. Fun and Easy. I used to be afraid of math, specifically algebra. This tutor has a gift to connect what my passion in life is to math and my grades have improved tremendously. I highly recommend his service.
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June 20, 2018

Mark M.

After receiving a C in my college math midterm, I knew I needed a tutor to improve. My school’s tutors weren’t much help as I still was not fully comprehending the logic. That’s where Mr. Regan Jones shined and came to my rescue! His patience, clear-cut explanations and sense of care catapulted my confidence so much that I ended up with a final grade of A for the whole course!
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June 19, 2018

Amy K.

I loved having Mr. Jones as my teacher and tutor. I learned better because he related math to stuff that we were interested in. He comes up with fun ways to teach math and make us understand it.
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June 19, 2018

Frequently asked questions

1.) Find out what their goals are. (Short term, long term)

2.) Find out what their interests are. "What do you do for fun"

3.) Stategically, causally, subtly assess their math skill level.

4.) Let them know what we will be learning and why is it important in the real world. 

5.) Use what they already know and what they already like and relate it to what I am teaching. 

6.) Frequently check for understanding of the concept and prerequisite skills.

7.) Ask questions that will lead the student to discover the overall concept themselves

8.) Model any algorithims needed for the math while making sure they understand why we are doing each step.

9.) Have them practice while gradually removing assistance.

10.) Assess student by having them use the skill they just learned but in a different setting to help them see how the skill is transferrable and how they are likely to see it in standardized testing.  

I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. 

I have been trained to differentiate instruction to cater to the needs of my students from Honors Students, to Special Ed students to even autistic students. 

Pricing varies with distance to travel. And there is a minimum of 2 hours per session.

I was a laid off Electrical Engineer so while I was looking for another engineering job I decided to substitute teach. My first assignment was 2nd grade class. It was a great day of learning and fun. The Principal poked his head in saw that I had enhanced the lesson that the teacher had left and asked me to come back the next day. I walked in the next day and the 2nd graders said in unison "Gooooood Morning Mr. Jooooooones!!!!" After that I was hooked. Turned down engineering jobs (for more money) and took the Alternate Route to become a certified teacher in NJ.

I have worked with a wide range of students. I have worked with students who come with little math knowledge, poor self discipline, and challenges at home as well as students who are highly skilled and highly motivated. Being that I teach in an urban area and tutor SAT Prep in well to areas I have taught many students who come from many cultures including Jewish, African, Indian, and Arabic. I have enjoyed learning about their culture and love to surprise them when they see their culture in math problems I have designed specifically for them.  

I have a Haitian student who just barely speaks English. I told her you teach me French I will teach you math. She said ok. I would purposely mess up the French and laugh and joke about it to make her feel comfortable about making mistakes in math. Her work ethic dramatically improved because she was no longer scared to make a mistake. She began to tutor the other Haitian students in French. The average grade of the Haitian students in that class rose from a 63% to a 89%.

Hire a teacher that builds upon whatever you already know. 

Hire a teacher that won't teach you what to think but HOW to think. 

Hire a teacher that will make sure that you understand not only what to do, but WHY you are doing it. 

Hire a teacher that will make it fun to learn and inspire you to learn even more on your own.

What is my goal for the tutor and for my life?

Why do I struggle with math?

What did my favorite teacher do to inspire me to learn?

What responsibilities to I have for my own learning?

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