The English School By Lawrence McEachin

The English School By Lawrence McEachin

Offers online services
Offers online services


Hi, guys! My name is Lawrence. I'm 21 years old and a professional English teacher. Primarily, I teach English as a second language, an opportunity that opened up after I received my TESOL Certificate, but I'm absolutely willing to help even native speakers to improve their grammar skills, ability to converse naturally, and reading comprehension.

I've been teaching English for 3 years, even since I graduated High School, and now I'm professionally certified. My first experience with English teaching came when I worked at Forsyth Technical Community College as an English Tutor. I have taught over a hundred students from different countries all over the world. I've found that sometimes, it takes learning another language to appreciate different parts of your own. It's a good thing that I'm a language nerd. I speak Arabic and Portuguese. At the moment, I'm learning Turkish and Swahili. You can learn more about my journey and what others think about my teaching on my website:

As a young teacher, I am in a unique position to assist people in various age groups. It was not so long ago that I, myself, studied the exact things that some children struggle with today. But as I begin to navigate adulthood, I've learned how to apply these things I've learned (conversational skills, advanced reading comprehension, etc.) in real-world issues.

I also have made the use of technology a major part of my teaching. I have built a website that's designed to help native and international students to make English learning a part of their lives, through a podcast, interactive courses, and more. You can learn more about those resources on my website:

Language and our being able to express ourselves through writing and speech is an art. I like to help my students look at language in that way. Not as something boring and obligatory, but as something they can use to be successful. We don't just spend time memorizing rules and words. We learn why these rules exist, how to use new words to express ideas, and how to keep building on that knowledge.

I'm young and fun, yet organized. I'm flexible and always willing to help you!

I enjoy watching my students' reactions as they connect the dots between things they're learning, as well as when they see that language is more than words and rules.

I also enjoy presenting English in a holistic manner. Skills are connected to other skills. One who builds their vocabulary learns to write better. One who comes to understand English grammar understands why a passage is structured the way it is.

The work I do has afforded me many opportunities to continue my own education, especially through meeting other people. As an interpersonal being, I thrive off of human interaction, no matter their age and background. In no way do I ever claim to have mastered anything, including my own language. There is always something new to discover, and when that happens, it's a joy to share it with students and provide new ways to communicate our thoughts.

Outside of teaching English, I'm an artist. Language, itself, is an art; a form of expression. I love watching my students learn to view the English language as a true tool to express themselves, now and in the future, not just as something else to learn and put aside.


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    Frequently asked questions

    A solid introduction is necessary to set the stage for productive continued learning.  During the Trial Lesson, I like to get to know the student and identify what they are struggling with.  That might be a particular grammar concept, reading comprehension, a set of vocabulary, or even having a natural conversation.

    Depending on what the obstacle is, a personalized plan will come together and be reviewed.

    Students will receive a link that will give them access to various resources that they can use to be successful during lessons.

    In 2017, I graduated from the Early College of Forsyth, a dual-enrollment high school that allowed me to take enough college courses to earn an Associate Degree.  While completing this program, I became an English Tutor.  The majority of my students were learning English as a second language, thus we focused on grammar concepts and improving conversation skills.

    I have been teaching English ever since.  In 2019, I earned a TESOL Certificate, which allows me to teach English professionally to students all over the world.  At this point, I have amassed over 40 students that I teach on a regular basis.

    This training has proved beneficial, even when it comes to teaching students who speak English natively.  Learning how to teach the language to people who didn't grow up speaking it has given me a new perspective that I can introduce to native speakers.

    I charge $20 for a one hour lesson.  However, a strict time restraint like this doesn't work for everyone.  Therefore, I've made other time allotments available (30 Minutes = $10; 45 Minutes = $15; 90 Minutes = $30).

    Some of my students and their families have concluded that it's best for them if they lock into multiple lessons.  I've created course packages for this reason (5 Lessons = 15% Off Total Price; 10 Lessons = 25% Off Total Price).

    I've always appreciated teachers, but it was not my appreciation that drove me to become one.  Honestly, it was watching the reaction of people when I helped them to understand something they were struggling with.  I could sense how grateful they were to have someone who was on their team; always ready to give and help them when they needed it.

    I started off as a tutor, offering assistance to people at the community college who needed the extra push to understand a difficult topic.  Language has been a passion of mine since high school, and that became my focus as a tutor.  After two years, I became certified to teach professionally.  The experience has been wonderful.

    I have worked with both native-English speakers and people who are from countries that do not speak English as a first language.  Interestingly enough, I've found that while many of the topics people struggle with are the same, the manner in which I explain has to adjust.

    Regarding age, most of my students are in middle and high school.  I also have many adult students, most of whom live outside of the United States.

    I received an email from the parent of one of my students.  This student was young.  He had just started high school, and in his country, an emphasis is placed on high-level English grammar.  Excelling in English class greatly improves his chances of earning a scholarship that would send him to an American University.  The parent expressed that his past experience with English was limited.  They did not use English in their home, and it was not spoken on the street.  The student was discouraged and nervous that he would not be able to meet expectations in school.

    Our lessons had lasted for three months and were very consistent.  By the time he took his final English exam in school, we had studied over 50 topics related to English grammar, reading comprehension, and conversation.  He scored the equivalent of an American 98%!  The parent informed me that before taking lessons with me, his highest English test score was 40%.

    Even though he lives in another country and I'm not able to physically be there to teach him, it makes my heart glad to know that my instruction is helping students.  What they learn will stick, not only in the present but the future as well.

    If you're looking to hire a teacher to help you with topics related to the English language, I would advise you to search for someone who is very organized.  English is a complex language, even for people who grew up speaking it.  It can be easy to lose track of the real problem at hand and what to review.  An organized teacher always has a plan, knows where to make adjustments, and remains flexible for you!

    It's wise to look for a teacher who knows more than one language.  Studying other languages teaches a person how communication works.  It's easy to find patterns and presents a new perspective to share with people who are struggling with a language.

    Age typically doesn't matter when it comes to choosing a teacher.  I've found, however, that younger students are more successful with a younger teacher, as long as that teacher is mature and has enough experience to know how to be effective.

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