Successful Math Adventures

Successful Math Adventures

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have been passionate about math since I was in elementary school. I have received A's in Math since I can remember. I love learning and I love teaching. When you work with me, I'll use your learning style to help you understand the material better. I will visually show you how to work a problem, verbally tell what I am doing as I'm writing, and then, you get to try it yourself (hands-on). If you are nervous after the first few times, don't worry. I will give you the option of allowing me to help you while you try it or I'll let you help me while I work the problem. If you learn in a different fasion, I'd be glad to accommodate. The best thing about teaching is learning the individual ways that each student learns.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I'll ask your name, grade, and something you like to do. Then, I'll ask to see your problem or the certain chapter you're confused on. I may ask a few questions just so we are on the same page. Then, I'll work a few problems and talk you through them. I'll allow you to work problems by yourself and talk you through it if you get lost again. I'm here to help. I accommodate to any learning style you need.

I was in Honors Mathematics in High School and I've taken two math classes in college. 

I've tutored classmates in math my entire life. I was always the helper in the classroom when it came to teaching. 

$10 an hour 

I have wanted to be a teacher since 1st grade. I am currently attending college to become a teacher. I am heard about recently, when I was looking for an online job. 

I've worked with students of ages: 5,7,10, and 15. I've also helped tutor friends in college. 

I loved the Dirty Dancing Festival at Lake Lure!

Find someone you're comfortable with. I was the shy kid in class and I didn't want to ask questions because it embarrassed me. The more I asked, the more I understood. Make sure you're comfortable with your tutor, so that you both benefit from your session. 

Every question. 

Don't allow yourself to get a tutor because you don't want to try. Get a tutor when you've thought through it and can't find an answer. You should also discuss your confusion with your teacher. Some students are confused by something small and could easily be back on track by asking a teacher. However, some students still don't understand. That's what I'm here for :) 

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