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Paul Madar Coaching

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I tutor English, Math, Reading, Sciences, and Writing, and I specialize in coaching all aspects of the ACT exam... From studying an absurd amount of ACT tests and teaching it for several years, I have developed a streamlined, simple and highly effective program. I love finding patterns, tips, and techniques that help you raise your scores quickly.

Beyond teaching content, strategy and skills, I love to help students learn whole-mind skills -- focus, concentration, emotional composure, relaxation, and intuition.

Yes, we will study the necessary fundamentals -- the rules of grammar and editing, the math formulas -- but we will also discover the freebies on each test, the repeated patterns, the "usual suspects" and the strategies that will get you great scores.


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Offers online services

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High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry

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    kolin K.

    Paul’s approach to tutoring was very intuitive and enjoyable. I was never stressed or under pressure to preform it just felt like I was able to learn what I needed to. I was able to raise my ACT from a 28 to a 36 and I truly do not believe this would have been possible without Paul. Overall I would highly recommend if anyone ever said they needed a tutor!
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    April 27, 2024


    lila G.

    Paul is an outstanding tutor that was able to transform complex strategies and lessons into a personalized and simplistic idea. Working with him was a true pleasure as he helped me to reach my ACT goals and provided great advice. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor.
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    March 20, 2024


    maggie D.

    Working with Paul was not only incredibly helpful but very enjoyable as well. He introduced me to both key concepts in all four areas and handy test-taking strategies while showing me that the sections I struggled with were conquerable. Paul’s coaching was instrumental in achieving my goal of getting a 36.
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    September 19, 2023


    cannon T.

    I deeply enjoyed how Mr Paul pursued to be both personal and encouraging all throughout my learning experience. Mr Paul is incredibly knowledgeable and possesses a wonderful gift of teaching. With the help of Mr Paul I was able to go from a 3 on the English portion of the ACT to a 34-overall score of 17 to 31. As a homeschooler there was a limited amount of tutoring opportunities open to me, but Mr Paul was very generous with his time and teaching to help me. I would be privileged to learn again from such a capable and genuinely interesting teacher.
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    June 20, 2023


    nicholas F.

    Paul allowed me to reach my full potential while training for and taking the ACT. Paul knew tips and tricks about the ACT that you won’t find with a lot of other resources. He is also very knowledgeable and patient for when there was a concept I did not understand. I would recommend Paul to every student that wants to train for the ACT.
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    May 13, 2023


    britney U.

    From the very beginning, Paul was very friendly and always supportive of my goals. He tutored me in a way where I never felt unintellectual and worked through each problem making sure I understood it. When asking about my future endeavors, he never discouraged me. Paul is a very fun and sociable teacher who inspires his students, using tactics based on each individual and encouraging them that they can do this!
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    May 12, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

         For a new student, I will typically get to know you first with a free consultation... asking questions and finding some common ground.  We will discuss your frustrations, your goals, study habits, teachers' expectations, and also stresses and how you handle them.  It helps a lot for me to know your whole learning environment.

         I have a broad and deep base of education: BS in Biology from Cornell University, Masters in Business from Butler University, music studies at the Jordan College of Fine Arts, MDiv from the School of Metaphysics.

         I have been coaching the ACT exam for over seven years, with excellent results.  I have also been a mind skills teacher and coach for 28 years, guiding kids and adults in learning how to focus attention, concentrate, develop emotional composure, relax, and use intuition.

         I typically charge $50-60 per hour for ACT coaching, and a session is 90 minutes.  In-person coaching is slightly more because of travel costs.

         Subject tutoring is usually $40-45 per hour, and adjusts up or down according to the level of instruction needed and the number of sessions you want to schedule.  

         I got started teaching as a substitute.  I was not very good at first -- nervous, self-conscious... but I felt teaching was such an important service that I committed to bettering my practice from every class I taught.  I quickly moved into full classroom teaching, then eventually into administration and supervising for a private school.  

         I have worked with an incredibly broad spectrum of students.  I home schooled my daughters up through middle school, and I still tutor them.  I teach high school and college students regularly now.  I taught adults ages 18 to 72 in evening classes, and I've had students from diverse social backgrounds, races, religions, and many foreign countries.  I've had easy and eager students, and stubborn and surly students.  

         Recently, a student who had a very good score already, asked me to coach her up to a 36 on the ACT. We outlined her section goals and strategies, refined the specific problems to work on, and drilled all the subjects. We practiced concentration, breathing forms, and emotional visualization.  With just a few weeks of that training, she took the test and got that 36 composite.  It was so exciting to go for it together!

         For someone looking to hire an ACT tutor, or even a subject tutor, I would advise them to check the tutor's recommendations and website first. A good tutor will want to show that readily.

         I would also advise you to put price aside for a bit and go for authority and quality first.  It may turn out that a better, slightly more expensive tutor will help you learn the material much faster. They will typically be more creative, more comfortable with your ups and downs in the journey, and will make it more challenging and fun than a newer, less expensive tutor might.

    I suggest you have in mind three considerations:

    1.  How hard am I willing to work and Why?

    2.  What does a successful journey look like?

    3.  What style of teacher brings out my best?

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