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I have been teaching MS, HS, and College level math for about a decade now. I have brought teenagers from a 3rd grade understanding of math to getting A's in College Pre-Calculus and Calculus in 2 years!

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I really enjoy filling in the gaps in my students learning. The moment a student realizes that can understand and even excel in math is my favorite part of teaching. There is a huge misconception that exceling in mathematics is for geniuses. I am here to prove that genius taught!

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Grade level

Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

Type of math

General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics


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Sasha H.

Mr. Dane Zagar, while I was attending Lake Superior College, tutored me in remedial algebra 2 and College algebra.
Because Mr. Zagar spent the time to find out I was missing knowledge in a few key concepts, it suddenly turned out I was no longer spending hours to finish my math schoolwork! Instead, it only took half an hour each night, because basically I then had the understanding to just complete the work (in lieu of spending all my time trying to figure out what they were attempting to teach me as I didnt understand anything before that).
Thanks to Mr. Zagar, he not only taught me how to do the problems, but he also taught the big picture, allowing me to put two and two together; and for the rest of the time I was in those classes it became so much easier! Danes dense tactics, even though he taught me in a relatively short amount of time, made my life much better in college. I went from failing most of my tests, and wasting most of my spare time doing just math homework ( which usually caused the rest of my classes to have incomplete work since I did not have enough time for the other classes studying or homework), to having all my classes increase in grades and my overall understanding; all thanks to Mr. Dane Zagar!
Unfortunately, due to a deployment with the army, I will never know how the rest of my college career would have worked out. But, with Mr. Zagar, I had a fighting chance to come out better than average!
Thank you, Mr. Zagar, for your time and efforts.
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September 28, 2021
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Douglas B.

While I was attending the University of Wisconsin Superior Mr. Dane Zagar was a very close friend, and my roommate, throughout the majority of my time at the school. When I was struggling in my math classes he was the first one to always lend a hand and help me out, without a second glance.
Dane Zagar made things much easier to understand, and helped me figure out many different ways to solve problems. I had always been horrible at solving word problems in math, because I never knew what formulas to use and how to set the formula up correctly. Mr. Zagar found my main issue and made sure I knew how to set up the formulas much easier. Dane was also really good at going over my homework and helping me figure out exactly what part I got wrong, and thus what I needed to work on the most. My grades in math went way up due to his help!
When it comes to chess lessons, I also took them under Mr. Zagar. Dane helped me learn the game much more than I already knew. I was never very good at chess, but he helped me to the point where I was able to skillfully compete with some of the members at his local chess club in Superior, WI pretty well! I went from wanting to play chess very little, to always wanting to play chess with him, and wanting to learn different strategies to help better my game. I think the trick was that Dane found ways to make learning the game of chess enjoyable.
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September 28, 2021
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Frequently asked questions

I first give the new student/family a call/Zoom to get their perspective of the obstacles to their educational goals. Then, I collect and analyze the education materials/homework they have so that we can work through it, while building the students understanding of core math concepts. 

I earned a Bachelor’s in Science & Mathematics in 2012. Before that I started working as a math tutor in the Intercultural Center at Lake Superior College, where I received an AA degree. Over the past decade, I have been actively teaching in private schools, training students for AP Calculus & PSEO, and doing graduate research. I am also an NSF fellow. I am confident that my students will overcome any difficulties mathematics throws at them.

Yes, I charge a dollar per minute. However, I do offer discounts packages on 60 to 90 minute lessons.

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