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Offers online services
Offers online services


Math doesn't come naturally to everyone, so the key is to find the best way to help relate students to the subject matter. My goal is to meet students where they are, so we can find the best way to move forward in their mathematical journey.

I was a 99th percentile student in math and graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a degree in Actuarial Math with a minor in Economics. I am well versed in the vast array of math topics.

At my job I need to explain complex math to people without a math degree. I am skilled in breaking down a concept and getting people to understand it.

When I see others struggling with math, my default is to help. I have been a math tutor on and off since 2006, and now more than ever I want to help. COVID-19 has forced many students into a new learning environment and they need to adapt quickly. That quickness is unrealistic and many students will need additional assistance. I want to use my skills, knowledge, and free time to help students excel in this difficult time.


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Offers online services

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Discover where the student is at in the subject matter they need help with. Test methods for more closely connecting the student to the subject matter. Work on developing the methods that work the best.

I have a degree in Mathematics from The University of Michigan - Flint. I was a tutor on that campus for 3 years. I've worked in a mathematical field for years in a corporate setting where my job often required communicated math to to "non-math" people. 

I am new to this platform and so am still figuring out what works and what doesn't. My main goal is to help be a cheerleader for mathematics moreso than earn money.

I love math, and love those moments when I can make math more accessible to others.

All kinds.

I recently made huge lasagnas and turkey dinners for two neighbors who lost their jobs. 

Everyone learns differently. Students should look for tutors that are able to make the subject matter more accessible to them, rather than repeating and promoting methods that do not work for the student.

What is my goal for this process?

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