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Offers online services


Hello, my name is Aaron Clippard. I am a seasoned and formally trained tutor who is always eager to assist individuals in their efforts to work hard & deliver the best version of themselves to the world. I can confidently guarantee improved test scores on general topics and at least 4 Composite points on the ACT to an 80 point gain on the SAT, all stemming from my years working as a professional tutor. I obtain these results by using a Socratic teaching method that enriches the student’s critical thinking skills while showing them the ins and outs of the content itself. This has allowed me to help students with all levels of starting points to grow to their strongest comprehension peaks, and I would be very happy to assist you with my talents as well.

My background in teaching goes a long way. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in both undergraduate, graduate studies, in psychology & counseling respectively. These subjects help me better understand the mentalities of the students I work with while helping to assist them through any road-blocks they may encounter with creative & thoughtful responses. I aim to offer unique insight to my students, having worked in fields that involve teaching various skills to individuals who have great difficulty learning. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked with developmentally disabled individuals, teaching academic skills. This job had the challenges of the typical teaching setting paired with the barriers that stem from the clients' potential disabilities. It allowed me to further grow my methods of asking questions that guide clients to understand the fundamental roots of the material.

During my internship for my Master's in counseling, I performed similar work with individuals struggling with effects of traumatic brain injuries. During that time, I helped those suffering from their injuries cope with emotional distress while reteaching them skills that were lost due to their brain injury. It was from this environment that I saw how impactful the Socratic method can be in teaching material in a way that can truly cement itself within a student’s mind.

As for myself, I am very open to learning new concepts & developing new interests. I enjoy being able to connect those interests to the people with whom I am with working to enhance the study process. My general passions include films, music, games, theatre, and technology. I have complete confidence in my abilities to assist any student or child needing my services that comes from my many years of working with a wide range of individuals. If you have any questions or would like to set up a first session, please contact me and we can begin as soon as possible.

I take personal pride in getting my students to higher levels of comprehension and understanding the material. There are many different metrics of success: test scores, skill development, or comprehension of an elusive idea. Every time my students obtain a marker of growth, I feel the same elation and joy with them. Tutoring has the unique position to get a personal hand in teaching the material that will further their life journey. I consider myself as qualified as any teacher, with the core difference being a luxury to customize myself to specifically match my pupil. It is something I take advantage of with every student I work with, and I can promise you will be able see the results.


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Offers online services

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Matthew K.

Aaron helped me get ready for the SAT under a time crunch. We only had a few sessions, but I can tell that it really helped me grasp how the test works now. He showed me some important tips and tricks to do my best. It made it easy for me to understand and got it to make sense.
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August 16, 2021


Cole S.

He gave me tools that helped me quickly figure out how to do my best on the ACT.
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August 11, 2021


Michael L.

He was the best online teacher I had over all the online learning from the past year. He made it all really easy to do and simple to understand.
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August 11, 2021


Nikki F.

He was an engaging tutor that really helped me understand the material on the test. I really believe that I can the score I need for my scholarship now.
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August 11, 2021


Mary D.

Aaron was really helpful in making the material easy to understand. He didnt just tell me what to do but helped me actually get how all the Math on the test actually worked. I feel way more confident now with the questions found on the ACT.
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July 21, 2020


Logan A.

Since the pandemic, I felt worried about my studies and getting ready for the upcoming ACT. After all the work I have done with Aaron, I feel completely confident in my ability to achieve my best score on the test now. Thanks.
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July 02, 2020

Frequently asked questions

My main goal in working with a new student is figuring out where exactly their strengths and weaknesses lay and creating a plan to properly address them. Often the main challenge that many students have with any subject or test is getting the information about it molded into their framework of comprehension. I try to not only deliver the information into that framework but also work to expand it so they can have an easier time processing future elements on their own. Tutoring shouldn't just be for any one simple subject; it should be to build the skills up so the tutor won't be needed in the future.

I have had professional training from a tutoring company that I started my career on that gave me the core frame work that I use with my students. Aside from that, I have an education background in psychology and counseling that has allowed me to use those skills in getting them concepts and key messages across to many of my different students and over many kinds of subjects. I have also self studies teaching techniques and advance approaches to different material that I utilize in my ever growing skill set for work.

My pricing scale is set at $69.99 an hour to start. This is a fraction of the cost compared to the various tutoring companies I have worked with for even better quality. Along with the initial rate, our first session will always be discounted by half to make sure you feel confident with my services. 

There are also certain milestones that can be reached when purchasing session hours that can further discount the price. Once 24 hours have been bought, there will be a $5 dollar per hour discount along with a further discount at the 48-hour mark. There is also a referral program that can offer up to 4 free hours per client referred.

I have worked from all kinds of students with so many different types of material. There have been test prep students who have ranged from barely cracking over the 50th percentile that we were able to get into the 70th and higher. I have savants that used my teachings to themselves from near perfect up into that perfect score. There have been dyslexic students that I helped devise ways to better process the material while helping them cope with the many emotional challenges that come from the atypical learning state they happen to be in. These and many more have gotten me to always be adaptive and growing to help any type of student that may come my way.

Hire me. But jokes aside, a teacher that is working as a private tutor needs to understand the most important element about why the student is seeking out a tutor in the first place. There is some element or concept that is a major stumbling block that is keeping them from having regular school or self study from answering the challenge. If they don't recognize that and just try to just throw the knowledge at their student without adapting it, everyone is then just wasting their time and effort. There are a lot of tutors who will just read the book or questions to the student (which is an important part of the typical work), but the tutor's true job is to adapt it and get the material to stick.

A good teacher or tutor will always be open and willing to listen to the student's ever changing needs. If you ever feel like you can't, that truly isn't the best teaching relationship to be in. That said, a few things that could be thought out beforehand could range from teaching style adjustments or acknowledging what has worked in the past. Anything that you know works or anything that gives you trouble is always worth bringing up and working out with them.

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