Accelerated Growth: K-College, Learner-first Tutoring

Accelerated Growth: K-College, Learner-first Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello! I'm am a K-6th grade Montessori teacher with seven years of experience. I have taught and tutored students ranging from 1st grade through college. I specialize in reading intervention for students of any age. I have taught in Tennessee, Honduras, and Flint, Michigan. I am fluent in Spanish and have a bachelors and masters degree in education as well as Elementary I and II Montessori training.

I love helping students make rapid growth and conquer their learning fears and struggles. I love working with students who have struggled in a traditional setting and need a more personalized approach to begin seeing success.


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Ji H.

She is well teaching what student need.
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October 24, 2022
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Julie F.

Learned so much and had a great time doing it!
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October 09, 2022
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Molly S.

Anna is kind, caring, patient, and very skilled at engaging kids. My 7 year son loves her and is already making strides in his reading.
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October 03, 2020
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Frequently asked questions

1. Getting to know you and your goals: I would spend the first session getting to know my student and his/her academic goals for tutoring. If the student were a younger child, a parent would be present for this first meeting.

2. Student learning styles, background knowledge, and motivation diagnostic: I would use diagnostic tools as well as questioning to get to know my student's learning styles and current level of knowledge in order to best tailor instruction.

3. Engaging, "brain-smart" lessons: After diagnosis, we would begin lessons. Brain smart lessons are lessons that are right in the student's "zone of proximal development." This means that they are in the sweet spot between too easy and overwhelming. I use research-proven, brain-based methods that have been shown to increase memory, depth of understanding, and speed of aquisition. I also believe in giving guided choice to students as it increases motivation and ownership of learning. In my sessions, students are active players in the learning process. For younger students, I often use Montessori based methods that help students visualize concepts more easily.

Alternatively, if students are working towards an external goal such as passing a specific class or writing a paper, I use similar strategies aimed directly at accomplishing those goals in a timely manner.

4. Meaningful work: Out of tutoring sessions are complemented by reading, assignments, or other "homework" only when I think it will be meaningful and effective. I do not believe in busy work, so any extra work given will be short, targeted practice or exploration.

5.Communication and reevaluation: Every week I will communicate to parents and/or the student their growth and areas to work on next. I will the students take evaluations periodically to assess growth towards their goals.

6. Conclusion: Tutoring can end when the parents or students determine that goals have been met or they are not satisfied with the lessons. 

-B.S. in Middle Childhood EDU, Social Studies and Language Arts Endorsements, 4-9th Grade, Franciscan University of Steubenville

-Masters in Education, Christian Brothers University

-Extrensive training in working with youth with trauma, Memphis, TN and Honduras.

-Montessori training, in process. Elementary I-II.

-Teaching Math with Manipulatives Course- Aula Compartida Program (Spanish-Honduran Partnership)

-ESL teaching professional development with Notre Dame's English as a New Language Program

-CPR/First Aid

-Advanced Professional Spanish Certificate, La Union Spanish Language School, Antigua, Guatemala.

-License to teach in MI, 5-9 grade and K-6

My base rate for one hour is 40:00. The price can increase based on any extra practice program subscriptions or learning materials the student may need or if the situation requires extensive prep on my part.

I fell in love with teaching from an early age and got my first real teaching experience as a summer camp counselor teaching English to Spanish teens in 2008. Since then, I've pursued my calling to help youth in a variety of positions, as a teacher, coach, mentor, missionary, camp director, and leader of teachers.

I'll go chronologically, starting with my current students:

1. Flint Montessori 3-6th Grade. I have twenty one students, several with special needs. 

2. Escuela San Pedro (Farm of the Child) Honduras: Most of the following was conducted in Spanish.

As school subdirector, I was connected to all 117 students, K-9th grade. I personally taught Special Edu. students (Cognitive Impairment, Memory problems, Reading Disabilites, Trauma, Behavioral problems). I also taught 1st and 2nd grade Spanish and Social studies for a few months (as a sub), Math to 7-9th for two months (sub), English to 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 8th grade. I also trained new missionary teachers and gave professional development training to Honduran teachers. I worked with a Honduran principal to improve our school's math program and serve our students who faced enormous difficulties: rural poverty, family disintegration, and (for our resident kids mostly) severe trauma. 

3. Memphis, TN: In Memphis, I taught 6-8th Language Arts at an inner city Catholic school. My students mostly came from immigrant/refugee families and we had 11 languages spoken in our school. I worked with all middle school students including students with disabilities (physical, cognitive impairment, memory, adhd, autism, and dyslexia). Many of my students were ESL and some had just arrived in the country. I also tutored a high school student who had just arrived from Vietnam. I helped her learn English, graduate high school on time, and prepare for the ACT. 

4. Ohio: I did my Early Experience and Student Teaching in Ohio with 5th, 6th, and 4th grade classes. I taught in urban and rural school settings. I had several students with autism.

I recently visit the Holy Land with my parents. It was incredible to see Jerusalem, Palestine, Bethlehem, and Jordan!

I would advise the student to look for an experienced teacher who is a good communicator, friendly and motivational, and hard working. They should ask for references and a trial lesson.

Students should think about the following:

1. Have I already tried using my own tools to meet this need?

2. What tools did I try?

3. What happened when I tried them?

4. Finish this sentence..."I would like it if my teacher could help me  with ...." Be specific. Don't answer math, answer adding decimals. Don't answer passing my class, answer getting from a 60% to a 85%.

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