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Offers online services


I am committed to each and everyone of my students. I know that everyone is created equal but not everyone learns equally. I will always find the best learning process for each individual student so that I can maximize their own inner potential. Learning is so much fun and I bring that energy to my students so that they want to learn and they enjoy it. I garauntee that students will increase their grade average with my techniques and learning style. I look forward to working with your student to raise his knowledge to the next level so they are ready to suceed in any situation. I have been studying math since I first entered grade school and just developed a strong passion for it. I know I can teach anyone. I sat with people who couldn't pass a math test and a few months after working with me they were crying in my arms so grateful they had a diploma and were graduating. Those are the moments I live for. I studied at Liberty University in Virginia and also Penn State University in Pennsylvania. Learning is so much fun! Let's get started

I love seeing the joy on students faces when they finally realize their own potential and the learning process starts to click. Math is fun and easy and I love when students start to realize that through my teaching. The best part comes when they are finally holding up that diploma or GED and smiling from ear to ear, full of achievment and self worth


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Offers online services

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    I find out what level they are currently at then I take a few steps back from there, stregthen what they already know to grow their confidence, and then push ahead with my technigues along with how they will learn best.  Whether that's auditory, visual, kinesthetic or all three. 

    I have been teaching students ever since I was in high school. I have had plenty of experience. I have also taught GED students and have tutored people as a volunteer and in my free time. I have also attended Penn State University studying math

    I like to see what the student can do and how interested they are in learning and growing. I tend to be on the cheaper side but I like to negotiate my prices based on what people can afford 

    It came naturally to me when I was in high school when I realized I was better at teaching calculus to my calculus class than out actual teacher

    All types, all ages, all genders. But mostly people from (15-21) and people from (30-40)

    This one kid about 21 couldn't pass his math GED. He had done everything else but was stuck on math. I came along and found him and within 4 weeks (after trying for several months) I was able to get him to pass his math portion of the GED. He was so elated when he saw me and grabbed me and gave me a huge hug. He said he can now finally get the better job he's been after. And that's why I am here so people can move up in life 

    Math sure they are engaged and actually interested in helping. A lot of people do this just for money or a side hustle. Those people don't take the time to actually sit and engage and understand how best you will learn. So just watch out for that. But there are a lot of great tutors and teachers out there. And if you don't like someone don't hang around. Time to move on 

    What areas are they lacking in. How much time do they want to spend on tutor help. What exams do they need to prepare for. How often would they like to meet 

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