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Offers online services
Offers online services


I've been teaching and tutoring since 2005, starting with special needs students in Miami public schools.

I've gone on to teach English in Japan, business English to foreign executives living in the U.S., and computer literacy to the formerly homeless in the Florida Keys.

Over time I've taught virtually every school subject to kids of all ages around the country.

from this I've amassed thousands of hours honing skills to make your SAT experience the absolute best it can be.


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Offers online services


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Ian is patient and knowledgeable and does a great job of breaking down complex problems into things that are easy for me to understand. He also gave me a bunch of test taking tips that made me feel way more comfortable when it came time for me to actually take my test! Needless to say, I did really well when I took the SAT, and got into my first choice college! Thank you Ian!
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November 04, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I assess strengths and weaknesses, and use a variety of sample problems and exams while staying engaged and in tune with their learning needs as we move along. 
I also focus on techniques to make the exam more approachable, and easier to move through with more confidence, speed, and accuracy. 

I have solely tutored the SAT for the past two years, and have successfully helped dozens of students enter into the colleges of their choice in years prior by helping them master their standardized tests. 

My sessions last for one hour and fifty five minutes, and the cost per session is $180.00

I began my work towards a teacher's certificate in 2005 in Miami, FL, and soon after took a position to teach in Tokyo for a period of 12 months. 
Since then I have worked for a variety of other tutoring companies, and have found that I am most effective when working outside of the "cookie cutter" lesson plans that appeal to general statistical needs of student progress over the needs of the student as an individual. 

I have worked with students aged 3 to 93, over virtually all k-12 subjects, covering English as a foreign language, creating and following through with lesson plans for individuals with special needs, and most recently, students who want to get into the college of their choice. 

A neighbor of mine wanted me to meet her grandson, who was entering the 12th grade and will be a future student of mine. 
He was curious about Japanese food, as he'd never tried it, and was known to be a picky eater. The three of us agreed to go out to a nearby Japanese restaurant, and I introduced him to a variety of foods that tested his bravery. 
all through this I taught him about the food's history, preparation, and cultural significance. 
he thanked me greatly for the experience, and in a meal, I was happy to help broaden his worldview. 

You don't necessarily need a PHD in whatever subject it is you're studying. Find someone who knows how to teach. Find someone who understands that the material can be challenging or confusing and wants to work through this material alongside you, and not as a lecturer. Find someone who can get on your level, and who recognizes the great accomplishments you're making. 

If there is just one question, it's "What is the first thing I want to accomplish?" Once we start to unwrap that question your specific needs will start to make themselves apparent, and it's an organic process from there. 

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