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Felipe's Academic Tutoring And Test-Prep Services

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Offers online services


I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis and with a master’s in education from Boston University. As an undergraduate, I worked as a teaching assistant, leading discussion groups and teaching laboratory subsections in science disciplines, as well as providing individualized tutoring to students in mathematics courses. My passion for education has also led me to work as an education director for Mathnasium and as a biotechnology instructor at a high school program at the Boston University School of Medicine. I also bring more than 4 years of dedicated experience working as professional academic tutor and standardized test prep instructor for local and national commercial tutoring companies. I am a nationally certified tutor and academic coach (National Tutoring Association) who strongly believes in the value of individualized learning; I strive to help students and adults gain confidence, maximize their academic and cognitive potential, and achieve dramatic improvements in grades and test scores. Students describe me as caring, supportive, passionate, and enthusiastic. Aside from a well-rounded profile of teaching experiences, my tutoring services include detailed session reports, progress updates every month (for ongoing clients), personalized supplemental materials, free weekly online “office hours”, and midweek check-ins. For clients interested in my test-prep services, I supply professional test-taking strategies, personalized prep plans, practice exams, and targeted review assignments based on regular diagnostic and practice test outcomes.

In addition to the joy of watching students achieve their short-term goals, be it higher grades or test scores, I rejoice in the opportunity to make a permanent, positive impact on their lives. Schooling takes up such a big part of a person’s development, so I find a tremendous sense of purpose in helping students improve their self-esteem and confidence in their academic capabilities, as well as better their stigma towards school. My end-goal is to help prepare the next generation of educated citizens so that they can live purposeful and fulfilling lives after their years of schooling; the experiences and potential that comes with individualized tutoring provides me this opportunity, and I take full advantage of it with every student that I work with.


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    Maria A.

    I screened quite a few different tutors before I found Felipe. When he mentioned over the phone that he was a very organized person, that immediately caught my attention. I had a strong, intuitive hunch that Felipe would be an excellent fit for our daughter, and family, as an SAT and ACT tutor/coach. We hired him on the spot, and have been exceedingly happy that we did, ever since. Thanks to Felipes tireless, dedicated efforts, our daughter Leila, now aged 17, has gained the critical skills, confidence and deeper knowledge of the subjects covered in both tests. Leila is a shy, polite, soft-spoken young woman, who struggles with test anxiety. Although she enjoys learning, she is not the bold sort of student who eagerly raises her hand in class. She would rather quietly, discreetly ask the teacher questions after all the other students have left. Her hesitancy to seek help, which often involves muscling her way through the throng around the teacher, and her anxiety during tests have been a challenge for her throughout high school.
    Leilas grades suffered in her junior year, and her baseline PSAT results were weak. After months of intensive work with Felipe, Leila brought her SAT test results (taken in a practice session) up by an amazing, whopping 450 points! If Leila is able to achieve anything close to similar results on the actual exams, it will open doors to colleges that would have been otherwise out of her reach entirely. Felipe began working with Leila months ago, in the winter of 2019/2020, prior to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. As soon as the schools moved to virtual format, Felipe switched gears without missing a beat, and continued tutoring Leila virtually, which worked out equally well. Felipe has proven to be quite an extraordinary tutor, mentor, and person.
    To begin with, yes, Felipe is indeed highly, wonderfully organized, and structured in his approach to tutoring. He systematically works through the material, ever sensitive to our daughters needs. Equally fluent in all the subjects--English, Science, and Math--Felipe is consistently patient, thorough, supportive, articulate, compassionate, concise, and able to explain concepts seven ways to Sunday, until Leila is able to grasp them. Comprehensively familiar with every part of both standardized tests, Felipe taught Leila countless tips and tricks on how to approach the different kinds of questions she would encounter. He showed her how to separate the wheat from the chaff--the key information from the extraneous. He taught her how to save time on the tests, how to quickly, confidently rule out obviously incorrect answers that hitherto would have given her pause.
    Felipe has been unfailingly courteous, prompt, attentive, trustworthy and reliable through these long, challenging months. He has managed to consistently exceed our expectations while traveling back and forth between the midwest and the east coast, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, caring for his ailing mother and managing his obligations both at his parents home, and in MA.
    It is evident to us that Felipe is a true professional who truly, sincerely cares about his students, and their success. Finally, Id like to add that Felipe is a likable person--he is flexible, warm, witty, empathetic, modest, and kind. He has a wonderful way with young people--he was able to build a foundation of trust, and ease with Leila, who is admittedly rather a tough nut to crack. More at ease with women, Leila is highly reserved, and unaccustomed to conversing with young men, in general. I knew Felipe would face a challenge in getting past Leilas guard. I also knew it would be a beneficial life skill, ultimately, for her to learn how to be more self-assertive vocally and intellectually with a young gentleman.
    Initially, she was hesitant to ask questions, respond, or interact much with him. As she learned to trust Felipe, she started to improve in her skills, which in turn helped her gain confidence, and she found her voice. Leila learned over time that with Felipe, there are no wrong or stupid questions. She was no longer afraid to ask for clarification when she was confused. Watching Leilas self-confidence, self-assertiveness, and determination grow has been the most gratifying part of this whole experience for us, as parents. And to be sure, we are wildly pleased with her dramatically improved test results, thus far. Enormously proud of her hard work, and of her personal and academic growth, we are tremendously grateful to Felipe for his remarkable, skilled guidance. We plan to utilize Felipes expertise even after Leila takes the ACT and SAT exams, as she will study physics and math in the fall. It is our pleasure to recommend Felipe as a tutor wholeheartedly, and unreservedly.
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    August 04, 2020
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    Marla G.

    I have known Felipe since summer 2017, and I have been beyond pleased with the results that he has produced. I have found Felipe to be a very clear communicator with an interest to inform all parties of his plans and the expectations he has of his students.  He is quick to respond to requests and detailed in his explanations.  Felipe is an intuitive instructor and customizes his approach with each student.  He is thoughtful and encouraging in addition to be firm and being clear about what needs to happen.  Another very positive attribute is that Felipe is interested in feedback from students and actively solicits this feedback to improve his teaching skills. Felipe is also eager to receive feedback and constructive criticism. He enjoys the opportunity to brainstorm ways he can tackle more complicated student behaviors.  He is aggressive in his search for how to best serve his students, drive results, and be creative in his methods.
    Based on Felipe’s work and his results, I would highly recommend his services. He is caring, hardworking and wants what is best for students.
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    May 03, 2020

    Amit K.

    Felipe is singularly focused on his students academic needs, and is a thoughtful and professional educator with impeccable follow-up.
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    April 06, 2020

    Nick P.

    I have taught for 19 years on many different Math Departments. The extent of my experience has provided me with the opportunity to work with a large number of educators throughout my career and also provided me with keen insight into the qualities of great teachers, tutors, and professionals. You will not find a tutor who works harder or is more versatile in all of his duties than Felipe. Felipe is an outstanding educator and would be an excellent hire. To future families interested in math and test prep tutoring, I give Felipe my highest recommendation without hesitation.
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    March 16, 2020

    Karen M.

    Felipe worked with my older son two years ago with preparing for the ACT. My son isn’t a fan of homework and studying but “bought” in to Felipe’s style of teaching and understood that if he did what Felipe asked him to do he would see an improvement in his ACT score. Our son did well on the first try and improved on his second try. His scores allowed him to get into every college he applied to (except one stretch school).
    My second son is working with Felipe now. He initially worked with someone else but we soon realized that he needed to work with the person who helped his older brother. This son has increased his scores tremendously from the initial pre-test and the actual test he took in February with only 6 sessions with Felipe. He now has bought in to doing the homework for ACT prep, and we expect even better results when he takes it the next time.
    Felipe is smart, understanding, communicative, and inspiring to his students. He is great with making a connection with his students and engaging them in learning. I highly recommend him.
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    March 16, 2020

    Carl C.

    Felipe is simply one of the most articulate, selfless intuitive teachers and humans I have ever employed. He totally gets my two boys, ages 13 and 15. They went from Bs to straight As at Dexter, which is a rigorous academic private school. He made school fun and rewarding for my two boys. He has helped them excel in math, composition, biology, and history. There is not one topic where he is not on his game. We are not the only parents who are of this opinion.
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    December 25, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Before working with a new student, I offer parents a complimentary consultation to listen to their concerns, to discuss goals and expectations, and to review the services that I provide outside of the tutoring sessions. I also like to take this opportunity to communicate directly with the student, put them at ease, and build their trust. I give the student the opportunity to go over some questions on the material that he/she is in need of assistance, and this, in turn, allows me to gauge how they learn. Finally, I provide the student with a few ideas and strategies that they can use immediately so that they can quickly experience success. For students seeking short-term help in preparation for a quiz or test, I supply supplementary materials to enrich their preparation and address underlying gaps that may otherwise go amiss. In these situations, I simply ask for parents/students to supply in advanced a brief list of the topics being covered on the quiz or test. For students seeking assistance on an ongoing basis, I develop a learner profile for parents, provide progress reports, and establish midweek check-ins with the students. On Sunday evenings, I also hold remote “office hours” with my students via Skype. Students can take advantage of this opportunity to have pressing questions answered on demand. Many things develop over the course of a school week, and I like to stay connected with my students and offer my support whenever possible.

    On top of a rigorous academic formation, I possess a range of work experiences and qualifications that diversifies my teaching background. I am a nationally certified academic coach and tutor (National Tutoring Association) with a graduate background in education. I specialize in active, inquiry-based learning, and I subscribe to this Socratic-like method of teaching over the lecture-based format because of the advantages an individualized setting provides for its implementation. This pedagogical approach is different from the temporary solution than most lecture-driven tutoring experiences provide; it helps establish long-term impact on a student's education.

    Session rates range from $40-70/hr depending on the academic subject level (with more advanced, specialized courses eliciting higher hourly rates). This hourly rate also covers the personalized preparatory work that goes into every tutoring session: from complementary materials to session reports, midweek check-ins, and progress updates. In summary, it supports my mission to provide the highest quality of customized learning experience to your child.

    My first teaching experience occurred during my junior year of high school. As part of a self-motivated initiative between my high school friends and me, we decided to start an afterschool tutoring program servicing students of inner city Indianapolis, Indiana. Our mission was to help address the low statewide standards-based assessment scores that were prevalent at the time. As part of our plan of intervention, we targeted one of the lowest performing school districts of Indianapolis, providing free weekly English, reading, and math tutoring to 6th-8th graders.

    I have worked with male and female students of varying age groups, temperaments, learning profiles, and confidence levels. Across varying rigors of classes, from regular to accelerated, honors, and AP/IB, and from the elementary to the graduate-school level, I deliver uniquely tailored tutoring sessions to fit each student’s needs.

    Look for a teacher who can place your learning needs in the center of their approach to tutoring. Seek a teacher who can take what you prioritize and can customize and execute an approach for your success. Search for a teacher who can guarantee that they will ask the right questions at the right time, including challenging you to problem-solve, making you think about the big picture, prompting you to map out the necessary steps to success, or asking you how to break down what a complex question is asking of you. Finally, hire a teacher who empowers you to think independently and who promotes reverse teaching.

    Before approaching teachers, students should ask themselves self-directed learning questions, such as "What do I want and need to learn from this material?" or "Why is this concept important, and how do I intend to use the knowledge that I gain from it?" Students should also self-reflect on the information they already know and what they need still need to find out. Finally, before speaking to teachers, students should assess their capabilities and limitations as learners, from their academic knowledge to their executive functioning skills, so that they target areas in need of improvement more effectively. If students cannot find a sense of purpose or direction after asking themselves these types of questions, then it would behoove them to consider the assitance of teachers to address their needs.

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