Math And Science Tutoring, Inc. (MAST, Inc)

Math And Science Tutoring, Inc. (MAST, Inc)

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Whether as a tutor, learning specialist or classroom teacher, over 20+ years I have consistently received "perfect marks" in the categories of welcoming questions, boosting students' confidence, and making them feel valued and respected, the latter of which indeed reflects my sincere attitude. I have similarly been gratified to receive enthusiastic feedback from both students and supervisors concerning my clarity in explaining concepts and algorithms, and in the broad spectrum of topics covered (middle school math through calculus and statistics; the physical sciences, especially physics and chemistry [my college major], and the corresponding SAT, ACT, and GRE sections and subject tests). In addition to working full-time at leading public and private high schools, I have enjoyed a thriving private tutoring practice through the years, and I hope you will soon be part of it!

The combination of meeting new people, watching connections being made in the minds of students, and continually being stimulated intellectually makes tutoring such a fulfilling experience. I must say I enjoy the company of students even more than the varying subject matter itself, yet I am grateful for the focus the work provides for our meetings, and I love to watch students gain confidence and academic skills. My parents always emphasized that the most important thing is to love your work if at all possible, and I'm grateful to be among the lucky ones who experience that on a daily basis.


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Offers online services


Grade level

Middle school, High school, Adult learner

Type of math

Pre-algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics


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Katie J.

Shawn is the most amazing tutor I have ever had the privilege of working with. Before I started working with Shawn, my grade in chemistry was pretty low. Thanks to Shawn, I received an A on my final exam and finished with an A in general chemistry. Between sessions, he sent me links to helpful websites and created powerpoints on topics I was struggling with. He truly cares about and is committed to a students success. I highly recommend Shawn.
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January 07, 2020


Ethan T.

Mr. Smith is easily the best tutor Ive ever worked with. From his patience to his fun personality, it was always a joy being tutored by him. Mr. Smith always had a deep understanding of the material and was able to explain it in different ways that helped you understand it as well. I would recommend Mr. Smith as a tutor to anyone that needs help with their schoolwork or just wants to get ahead of the class.
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December 23, 2019


Yael T.

Mr. Smith was the core reason why I succeeded in so many of my math and science classes throughout middle and high school. He is always incredibly patient and reliable to all of his students. He makes understanding complex ideas simple and is able to map out what he is explaining onto paper by giving examples. That way students are left with pages of notes from his sessions so that we do not forget the content he helped us understand. He is truly a phenomenal tutor and I know that anyone who has worked with him would say the same.
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December 23, 2019


Abby B.

Shawn was an amazing tutor! Extremely intelligent and understands how to help each student with what they need. Has amazing patience and really puts his heart into every student. He is an amazing person and an amazing teacher!!! He really helped me do so well in my math and science classes- and was an incredible help when i was studying for the SAT’s. :)
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August 23, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Unless I have a summer assignment to help students fill in gaps or solidify skills, I find it most efficient to jump into current homework and address any lacking underlying skills or knowlege only as they emerge.  So, for example, when examining an assignment on simplifyhing polynomial rational expressions, it might be necessary to pause for a quick review of fraction operations before resuming the task at hand.

I graduated summa cum laude with a chemistry degree from a small college while earning Academic All-American honors in basketball and baseball (first team and second team, College Division, respectively), so I fully understand the extracurricular demands on the typical high school student.  I also earned a master's degree from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Duke University in Ancient Near Eastern studies, so my academic background is broader than simply the mathematical sciences, further helping me to appreciate the many academic demands on today's students.

My full rate is $100/hour, but I have a sliding scale and do not want finances to stand in the way of a student receiving my assistance.

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