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Offers online services


Hi friends!

My name is Maddi, and I am finishing up my senior year as a mathematics education major. This means not only do I understand and enjoy doing math, but I also have been trained specifically on methods of teaching it. I really value these skills and tools I have acquired throughout my education, and I have had the pleasure of tutoring for over a year now. I have experience tutoring elementary math through undergraduate Calculus, Linear Algebra, and more. I have experience both in private tutoring and working in a tutoring center open to all university students. I am a strong believer in math being more than just a process to be memorize. I believe everyone can find something to appreciate or use about mathematics, and I seek to show my students that. This helps motivate students to better understand their material and put forth more effort. I look forward to working with you if you are interested in hiring me for tutoring services! :)


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Dena L.

Maddi has tutored my son for Honors Algebra his 10th grade year and is currently tutoring him in Honors/Dual Enrollment Trigonometry his 11th grade year. Maddi has a passion for knowledge and is a naturally gifted teacher. She is extremely patient and encouraging. She doesn’t give my son the answers but makes him work to figure them out. After a session with Maddi, he feels completely confident and his grades show this. For my part, Maddi is a great communicator and diligent with her scheduling. I can’t recommend her enough!
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October 06, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I generally like to understand what the student's (or his/her parents') goals are for us working together. Do they just need help with homework and reviewing content to help solidify it? Then we will work through what they bring me each week. Does the student need to recover from a low grade, so he/she can pass? Then we will begin by working on the weakest skills and build a foundation upon which the student can succeed. In its simpliest form, math is problem solving. Thus, if you have a problem of any sort in the mathematics area, I will work to solve it!

I am a senior in a Mathematics Education degree program. This means I have taken undergraduate level courses that extend beyond each topic covered in grade school- ensuring my ability to teach those very topics. I have also had instruction on how to teach math best, how to work with students with various disabilities, etc.

I charge $30/hour but am open to discussing the price if necessary, especially if you are wanting to book more than once a week.

I have worked with students from third grade through undergraduate in university settings. I have worked with both male and female students, with various races, nationalities, and first languages, and with some educationally and physically disabled students.

Find someone who is willing to be flexible for your sake. You don't want a teacher/tutor who can only explain something one way. The reason you probably need tutoring is because the primary explanation in your class was not enough, so don't settle for a subpar tutoring experience. Also, find someone you are comfortable with. My students who seem to excell the most are the ones that seem most comfortable with me. I do my best to relate to all my students so they can feel at ease, but if you are stuck between two equally qualified tutors, choose the one you just like more.

What content do you not understand?

Is there a certain style of instruction that most often challenges you?

What is it that actually helps you learn/understand?

What do you want to come from this conversation?

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