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Offers online services
Offers online services


Born and raised an educator, I have excelled in the academic world and hope to work as a teacher/pastor in the future. I graduated from California Baptist University early with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (Suma Cum Laude -the highest academic level of excellence) and a minor in Behavioral Science. Currently, I am working on my Master's of Divinity at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and have already begun a few classes for my PhD. Though my main passion is theology, I also enjoy a variety of other subjects, including English, math, science, and languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Polish, etc.). My time in the public school system led me through multiple AP (Advanced Placement) classes, and I hope to emulate a similar environment of academic excellence for future students. Not only am I a great educator, but I'm also a great mentor and friend who is close in age to current High School and College-aged students. This allows me to connect with the current generation of students and relate to them on a level beyond what a typical educator can provide. As a tutor, I am dedicated to high academic excellence, prayer for my students, the development of social skills, and going above and beyond the call of duty to bring what I can to equipping and establishing the next generation, for the love and glory of God alone (soli deo gloria!). The loss of my previous job positions due to the Covid pandemic has led me to this online tutoring position, which I have seen as a service to parents and students alike during a time of educational uncertainty. Though I am new to online tutoring, I have a history of educating and discipling others. I look forward to getting to conversing with you and hope to see you soon!

I enjoy working with individuals and adpating my teaching to each individual's needs. I see my work as something more than education, a place where I can have a real impact on another life. Building a proper foundation can help launch an individual far in the future. If a foundation is not built well, it will lead to problems later in life. That is why I am set on establishing a firm foundation of my students on the Lord and then building up education as a subset.


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Offers online services

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    Ashton D.

    Mr. Joe Estes is one of the most outstanding men that I know, and he is by far one of the most brilliant. One thing I have enjoyed about Mr. Estes is his work ethic. Anytime that I have a question he has an answer, or he will not stop until he finds me an answer. Mr. Joe Estes is a quality young man.
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    August 27, 2020

    Jacob C.

    Joe is a wealth of knowledge. I had the pleasure of working with him in college and have seen his ministry first hand both on campus and overseas. Joe is patient, caring, and a man of integrity. Those who receive tutoring from Joe will get nothing but the best.
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    August 26, 2020

    Wade I.

    Very knowledgeable in hish field of study. Has a good way of presenting complex information in a more understandable way.
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    August 26, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    In the first call with a new student, I aim to:

    1) Introduce myself, my background and a list of my goals as a tutor

    2) Understand the student's current academic and social needs by getting to know them on a basic level

    3) Establish specific academic goals to be accomplished by the end of the tutoring sessions

    4) Familiarize myself with any class syllabus/assignments/readings the student may have. If there are none, then I will set out to establish my own

    5) Have preliminary sources ready and available

    6) Ask the student for any prayer requests they might have and dedicate myself to regular prayer for them throughout the time of tutoring

    I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (Suma Cum Laude- the highest academic excellence) with a minor in Behavioral Sciences. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. I hope to pursue a PhD in Theology, having taken my first PhD class this past spring semester. In High School, I took as many AP (advanced placement) classes as possible, challenging myself academically and setting a standard for myself throughout college and the rest of my career in education. I currently work as a teacher's assistant for one of my professors and have served other college professors in the past, grading assignments and offering constructive comments. The son of educators, I have been helping instruct and teach others for as long as I can remember. I have discipled and mentored many Christian men who are still walking with the Lord.

    Though tutoring varies from case to case, my standard system for pricing ranges from $25-70 per hour. More often than not, it is on the lower end of that spectrum. I am more than willing to speak with those interested to establish both a fair price and schedule.

    I have been teaching for as long as I can remember, assisting in my parents' elementary classrooms and helping my peers throughout my academic career. Teaching is something that comes second-nature to me now. I hope to teach for the rest of my life, serving a local church as a pastor and/or teaching as a professor at a university.

    I have worked with students ranging from early elementary up until Master's level. I currently help students in college-level courses. I have taught English to non-English speakers in Poland for a period of time. In general, I am better at working with advanced-level students though I have worked with students all along the academic spectrum.

    I love being outdoors and active, and nothing beats Washington state in the summertime! This summer I was able to hike with my best friend to a couple of different waterfalls while visiting family in Washington state.  The most memorable waterfall was Angel Falls, which softly ambles down a high cliff face and beautifully bubbles into a stream at its base. At midday, the sun sits in the crook of the surrounding mountains, casting golden beams upon the mist and generating a warm glow throughout the valley that the waterfall is situated in. I fondly remember that moment, taking in God's creation (imperial yet gentle) and sharing it with my best friend.

    For the student looking to hire a teacher of theology, I would recommend a teacher who:

    1) Is well-versed in the Bible and defends it as God's infallible word, a historically and spiritually reliable source (and is able to give the reasons why)

    2) Lives out what they teach, following Christ with their entire life, dedicated to bringing glory to God and to loving others, providing instruction not only through what they teach but how they teach it

    3) Is familiar with church history and the larger topic of theology as a whole (is knowledgeable in their area of study)

    4) Is connected with a local church

    5) Has a vast selection of resources that can be made accessible to the student

    6) Challenges the student to interact with primary texts and propositions for themselves, allowing them to think critically and contextually

    For the student looking to hire a teacher in English, I would reccomend a teacher who:

    1) Is familiar with a variety of literary works and styles

    2) Encourages the student to think critically and ask good questions regarding the text(s) they are reading

    3) Provides assignments that allow the student to develop their writing and written voice

    4) Properly utilizes grammar and follows the rules of writing

    5) Addresses the genre of the text

    6) Provides historical context for writings

    7) Holds a knowledge of archetypes and themes

    8) Understands the importance of literature and written works

    A student should think through:

    1) What do I hope to achieve?

    2) Do I have a plan of how I can achieve it?

    3) Am I willing to the commit time and effort that is required to accomplish what I set out to achieve?

    4) What specifically do I need, and is it something I can obtain on my own or do I need outside help? (The more specific the question, the better!)

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