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Offers online services


Hi, I'm so happy to meet you! I'm passionate about many things, and helping students succeed to their highest potential is a top priority of mine. I enjoy music, math, science, and break down thoughts and ideas into easily understood conceptions to young people. If you need help with any subject, I can work with you to understand it fully from start to finish, not just "solve another math problem". I'm patient and understand that each person learns in a different way, and want to find that way that works best for you.

I enjoy helping people understand how to do things. Personally, I feel that to fully understand how to do something, you must understand something from beginning to end and the how/why it happens. Take a math problem for example. Yes you can do many math problems and get the correct answer, but WHY are you getting the correct answer? Can you explain how you got it and not just plug it into the formula to spit out the answer? Teaching and understanding goes deeper than just finding an answer, it should allow someone to understand the WHY and HOW they got there. I want to help people understand fully difficult subject they are learning.


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Offers online services

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    Josie M.

    Really helped me with my math homework and to help me understand what I was doing
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    August 17, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I would try and get to know them personally, and discover what teaching style would work best for them. Maybe they are a visual learner, or need some extra attention to explain things to them. 

    I want to be able to be affordable to any family and will work with you to find a fair price. 

    I started teaching by helping my younger brother in school with his homework. I broke things down into easy to understand bits, and it really helped him understand lessons in school fully. I then started tutoring my colleages in college when they were having a hard time in classes. 

    Look around and find someone who is right for you! Make sure they understand what you are looking for, and that they can help you with the subject you want. You could always send them sample work of what you're wanting help with before fully committing to a teacher!

    How much time you would expect a week. The price you are willing to pay for them. What time of day they are available for tutoring. How long have they known how to do a certain subject. 

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