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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a recent college graduate who loves to help empower young readers and writers. My college (Coe College) proudly supports the largest undergraduate Writing Center in the country, for which I was a writing consultant for four years. I took accelerated and advanced English/Literature classes throughout my entire academic career and I am passionate about helping students fall in love with books and their writing.

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I love helping students fall in love with their writing and learn how to be life long readers. The best feeling is when someone sits back and smiles and says that they feel better about their work.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I like to start out by having a casual conversation and get to know the student on a personal level. Then I start asking questions that are related to why they are in tutoring: Are they needed help understanding tough books, are they struggling with writer's block and putting pen to paper, are they anxious about submitting pieces even when they are finished? When I feel that we have established raport and that the student is comfortable, we begin tackling the work. I like to give students my personal cell number so they can reach out at any point in time to ask a question or seek guidance, and I'm always available by email to read a piece over.

I took Advanced Placement English and Literature courses in high school and scored 5/5 on each. I then participated in a competition to earn a seat as a Writing Fellow for my college's Writing Center. I was a consultant and a freshman advisor for the Writing Center for my four years at the college. Additionally, I took writing seminars and courses on rhetoric and the writing process. I have a B.A. in International Studies and Business Administration.

I am happy to negotiate pricing depending on the circumstances. I typically charge $40 for an hour of 1:1 coaching, and sometimes charge a flat $75 for a month of adhoc tutoring which can include the student emailing me a piece which I edit/revise and send back, or texting services to work through quick questions as they arise.

I have been tutoring formally since my freshman year of undergraduate study at Coe College, but I was sought for reading and writing help by peers as early as 8th grade.

My students have ranged from all backgrounds, ages/grades, majors, etc. I worked with many ESL students in the Writing Center, and was avaiable to tutor over any subject, ranging from Music Theory to Biochemistry. The writing requirements may vary from discpline to discpline, but ultimately the creative process is pretty standard across the board.

I would advise that you find someone you feel comfortable with. Reading and writing should be fun, and if you're not comfortable with your teacher, you'll fear the process more. Also, be open to feedback! I love to foster a culture of bidirectional feedback with my students. If I feel that you're holding yourself back, I'll tell you. If you feel that I'm lacking in an area, I'd hope you tell me.

1) If I feel that I'm struggling, is this because I am lacking in the knowledge needed, or do I just need more practice with the process? 

2) What type of assistance do I need/want? Am I looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to coach me on how to do something, someone to validate my work and give feedback? Be able to communicate your needs and expectations to get the most out of the help you receive.

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