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I teach math in a careful and comprehensive way. Many times students struggle with math because they were not properly taught the basics. They spend the rest of their math careers building on a weak foundation which makes math unnecssarily difficult. I am here to help identify where a student struggles and teach them where they are at.

I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Evansville but have always loved teaching and have been doing private tutoring for the past year. I am excited to help Make Math Easy for your child.

As a tutor I enjoy being able to discover how students learn. Teachers have to do their best to teach everyone in the same way but tutors get to see what methods make sense for your child and then capitlize on that. It's a learning process for both the student about the math and the tutor about the student.


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Chris N.

Isaiah is an awesome math tutor. He’s like the Larry Bird of math! Breaking down all of the steps and showing you different ways how to complete whatever problem that you bring. If you want to learn quickly then I greatly recommend Isaiah for tutoring.
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September 26, 2019

Graham B.

Very easy to work with
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September 09, 2019

Kelly B.

He was very dependable and availability was great!!
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September 09, 2019

Frequently asked questions

The first two sessions with a student are typically used to help place exactly what the student needs to learn and what basic skills they might need to brush up on to make this learning easier. If the student needs review for an entire grade, I typically make a plan of topics to tackle based on standards for whichever grade they are reviewing. Then the student and parent can review that plan and determine if it's right for their child.

I graduated in 2018 from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering, which is a very math heavy major. I have always loved teaching and hope to use my math experience to help make math easier for kids who dislike it just because it doesn't make sense. I have been a private tutor for 6 months now.

I charge $25 for an hour-long session which I find is about as long as a student can pay close attention. Students usually meet multiple times each week based on need and their schedules. This also includes approximately an hour of lesson planning I do in private for each session which you are not charged for.

Before I graudated from college I volunteered as a tutor for a grade school nearby and was delighted with the work I did there. It was an amazing feeling helping make something suddenly 'click' for a student who didn't understand it before. Maybe they had been left behind in class or just didn't understand how the teacher explained it, but almost invariably, a little extra attention made things clear.

I typically work with middle school to high school students in any math subject they desire to learn.

When a previous student contacted me asking if I could help tutor them throughout the year. It was good to know I had built a relationship that allowed them to trust me and want to learn more.

Look for a teacher willing to put in the time. Tutoring isn't a quick fix, it's about addressing the topics that were neglected or misunderstood that are causing a student to struggle in the first place. This can take time and patience.

Teachers are trying to help you UNDERSTAND, not just replicate. Being able to say, "I can do this, but I don't really get why we do it that way," is very helpful. Think of those things you do without knowing why, then tell us that you don't know why it's done that way.

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