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Offers online services



Thank you for checking out my profile, I am so happy you're here! My name is Holly and I have been tutoring exclusively for the last few years. Prior to beginning my tutoring business, I studied elementary education as well as special education in Chicago, IL.

I am beyond passionate about teaching elementary math. I follow an advanced approach of problem-based and play-based learning. This allows the child to be engaged in the learning whether it is a remote lesson or a lesson that is held in-person. This method of teaching has also been proven to increase retention and understanding of concets taught. If you have more questions about this please ask, I would love to explain this to you! :)

If you have more questions about who I am or are interested in reading more, I welcome you to check out my website at sproutvillagetutors.com!

You can also connect with me on instagram @sproutvillagetutors


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

This is what you can expect BEFORE your first lesson: 

1. Distribute the student with a math test for the previous year.  (If the student is in 5th grade, they will receive a 4th grade test) 

Why: We first complete this assessment because it allows me to see which math building blocks are causing issues in the current school year. We will always be aware of what a child is currently working on in school but we can not always go back in time.  This assessment allows me to go back in time and get a thorough understanding of your student! In turn, I can help them in a way that helps them the MOST. 

** Once I have received the assessment data, I review it and complete long-term lesson goals. 

This is what you can expect in our FIRST session: 

In our first session, we will go through the standards that appeared to be the most challenging in the assessment. I can get a better idea of which piece of each standard is causing learning difficulties and I can adjust our plan accordingly.  Parents will also receive a copy of our long-term plan and are welcome to make any suggestions or ask any questions they may have! 

My process for sessions following the first session is below: 

We will review and polish the current math your student it learning that week in school.  It is my number one goal that your child exceeds in school but also that they genuinely understand what they are learning and why they are doing specific steps within a problem.  

If there are any related building blocks, we will review these at the same time.  This allows for connection of multiple concepts. 

Lastly, we complete an activity, game, or real-world problems which directly addresses the content taught and helps to further engage the student and solidify the contents and strategies taught. 

    I studied elementary and special edcuaiton at Depaul University in Chicago.  

    I also opened my own tutoring business in early 2021, which, in 6 months grew from 0 students to 20 students.  

    Pricing differs based on the following: 

    Online / in-person lesson

    Grade level 

    Lesson frequency 

    Additionally, data has shown that tutoring sessions and extra assistance do not impact students effectively until at least 8-weeks of service.  With that said, I do require the purchase of a tutoring package that is a minimum of an 8-week commitment.  Because I require a tutoring package purchase, I also offer payment plans because I would never want financial difficulties to stand in the way of effective education for your child! 

    If you would like to discuss this or have questions, I encourage you to reach out, I would love to discuss the different possibilities with you :)

    Beginning in middle school, I knew I was different but I didn't know how or why.  I was always wondering about the WHY when we were learning new concepts, I wanted to be walked through the learning step-by-step, I didn't want to just hear "because thats what you do" but no one ever met me with more inquiry based answers.  There was such a need to get the right answer as opposed to actually understanding why the answer is what it is and connecting the concepts to previously learned material.  This was when I knew I wanted to make a difference in the education of my students and from that point, I have geared all of my teaching to understanding the concepts and inquiring about the content and material. 

    Do you have a kindergarten - 6th grade student?  I'm your tutor!

    I enjoy working with students in grades K-6th grade.  I also enjoy working with students that have learning difficulties.  

    Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan?  I can incorportate those accomodations into our lesson plans, too! 

    My 5th grade math student, who was on the road to joining the gifted program at her school, was dramatically effected by the pandemic and remote learning.  Her joy for education and math had been completely diminished due to this type of learning and the pressure from her parents to learn in a way that encouraged rote-memorization.  This did not work well for her! 

    Fast forward 2 months, she brought home her math test which she scored a 92% on, yay!  BUT THEN... she broke her arm and had to stay home for weeks after surgery, etc.  Her parents had be come to review the content she was missing in school, she went back to school and took a math test that she had missed while she was at home.  AND GUESS WHAT... She brought back her math test and she scored a 112% PERCENT.  

    I am so proud of her and the hard work we have both put in when it comes to understanding math concepts and becoming more confident in her abilities. 

    We all want our children and students to succeed, let me help your child achieve their goals just like I did with this student :)

    Ask for a sample lesson and review before hiring any teacher or tutor! Make sure that your tutor will provide additional content that reviews the lesson.  Your child will undoubtedly benefit from tutoring and their session with the tutor but you should also make sure your child is able to practice the concepts on their own time as well. 

    Ask anything that you may be wondering.  You are trying to help your child succeed and this is only possible if you have someone helping them who is a good fit, qualified, and will work hard to help your child. 

    Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as a parent or as a student: 

    1. What are my goals? 

    - Increase confidence

    - Increase grades

    - Increase understanding of concepts

    2. What is your current standing in the subject you need help in? 

    - Are you struggling with current concepts or previously learned concepts? 

    - Are you able to work on both prior misunderstood content and new content in just one session a week? 

    - How often should I commit to lessons?

    Am I prepared to be committed and honest about my tutoring? 

    - Is tutoring a priority for you?  

    - Is your success most important to you?  

    I'm sure you have more questions, let me know! 

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