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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a tutor who shapes your learning experience to fit the way you interact with material. Students learn in different ways--visually, auditory, hands-on, or a combination of these, and tutoring is only successful when material is taught in a way that matches the student. I have tutored multiple different students, such as:

- Fellow undergraduates in Physics that preffered working through problems on a whiteboard

- Students in college level math classes that preffered to hear an idea and try it out before visually seeing how to do a problem

- High school students that didn't need to learn material but needed to learn effective approaches for working faster on the PSATs

Each of these students needed a vastly different approach to their learning, and I was able to adapt in order to maximize their retainment, understanding, and performance.

Education was the reason my parents immigrated to the US and I continue to hold it very close to my heart. I was fortunate enough to recieve a fantastic education and it is very important for me to pass along the knowledge and strategies I learned that allowed me to get where I am today, with a BS in Computational and Applied Mathematics as well as a BA in Statistics from The University of Chicago. Helping students discover a passion for a subject and watching them grow to be able to solve problems that they weren't able to before brings me so much joy. I want to continue to spread knowledge and a love for math, and tutoring is a great vehicle for me to do so.


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Offers online services

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M L.

Aanya was a wonderful tutor! She helped me through my time series class in Statistics, always taking the time to ensure I had a solid grasp on the material. She was comfortable walking me through cases in both the textbook & also in the homework problems, helping me see where things were going and what I had previously done wrong. Overall a great experience!
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July 14, 2020

Frequently asked questions

1) The student and I would have a discussion about what their needs are. For example for GRE Tutoring, we would look at potential test dates and required scores for programs they are interested in, while for general Math tutoring, we would look at their current course curriculum or future courses they want to take.

2) Next, I would send them a diagnostic test that I prepare to determine which areas need more help than others, as well as their approach to solving problems.

3) From that, I would develop a weekly curriculum to work on these areas and would provide relevant practice questions and homework as well.

4) Depending on the length of the tutoring, we would do further diagnostic tests to look at progress and ensure that it is being made. 

I have a BS in Computational and Applied Mathematics and a BA in Statistics from The University of Chicago. I scored a 35 on the ACT and a perfect 170 on the GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section of the Exam without hiring any external tutors and only using my self-developed approach. 

I have tutored college level math and physics during my undergraduate degree. 

I worked as a grader and code-reviewer for the Math, CS, and Statistics departments during my undergraduate degree. 

I also tutored high-school and middle school level math during before and during college.

I tutored for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams after high school and during college. 

Pricing depends on what services you are looking for, but generally follows the following structure (subject to change based on demand). Any student that starts with me will also recieve a diagnostic test FREE OF CHARGE as well as weekly homework assignments also FREE OF CHARGE.  

- Middle School Level Math & Stats: $40/hr

- High School Level Math & Stats: $45/hr

- College Level Math & Stats: $45/hr

- ACT/SAT Math (including SAT II Subject Test) Prep: $45/hr

- GRE Quantitative Reasoning Prep: $50/hr

I also offer one-off productivity and planning sessions for students who feel like they have too much on their plate. We go over how they can structure their schedule and plan to get everything done. These start at $40/hr and usually only one session is required to set a student up for success. 

My high school had a program where we were connected to younger middle schoolers to act as mentors. While some students mentored their partners in general life topics such as taking public transport or dealing with conflict, my student was particulalry interested in improving her math skills. I tutored her during our sessions, and after graduation I continued to tutor her in Math, Science, and PSAT prep until my sophmore year of college. I loved working with other students and sharing what I had learned so much that I applied to be a College Tutor at The University of Chicago for Physics, and then also worked with multiple professors in the Stats and Math departments during my time to grade homework and provide helpful feedback and problem solutions. My senior year, I also worked in the CS department giving code feedback and worked again as a College Tutor, this time specializing in Math classes.  

- Middle School Students looking for Math help

- High School Students looking for Math and Stats help

- High School Students looking for SAT/ACT/PSAT help

- College Students looking for Physcics Help

- College Students looking for Math Help

- College/Postgrad Students looking for GRE Quant Help

Look for a teacher that has experience teaching someone in a similar subject and age group to you. 

Find a teacher that is engaged and responsive even outside of your sessions. 

Ask about the performance of previous students as well as the teacher's own experience in the subjects or exams you mentioned. 

- What do you want to achieve and why?

- Will you be a committed and engaged student?

- Do you have enough time per week for both the session and the extra homework assignments?

- How long do you want to have tutoring for? Is it for achieving a certain goal (i.e. scoring above 160 on the GRE, or a 32+ on the ACT) or for instilling practices that will set you up for future learning endeavors? 

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