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Offers online services


As an adult who has suffered from ADHD my entire life, I'm uniquely suited to help students overcome issues related to ADHD and similar learning disabilities. Between studying and researching physics for 2 years in undergrad, and finishing my pre-law degree with a math minor, I am highly qualified to teach on a large array of topics and would be most excited to help you or your child reach your goals in the fields of science, math, and social studies. However, please review the services I offer, as I believe the breadth of my services is second to none. I have been tutoring since I was a high school student, and I have the classroom and blackboard experience to deliver high-quality education to each student I work with.

I love seeing students faces light up when a concept that was difficult or impossible before suddenly becomes easier, it's a truly gratifying experience that really makes tutoring a uniquely rewarding job.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I like to begin with a new student by spending the first session assessing goals, learning style, and current ability, and then I build a unique learning plan for each student I work with.

I have studied numerous advanced topics in science, math, and social studies, and as a result have the background to teach on many subjects, since I had to thuroughly master the introductory courses to even be permitted to take the latter ones. In addition to this, I have been a tutor since I was in high school, performed charity education in rural Mexico, and worked at Kent county's Intermediate School District in Michigan where I learned a lot from experienced, advanced degree holding educators about what makes for effective educational experiences.

Typically, I charge about $20 per hour, however, I recognize that some families and students will struggle to afford that, so there is some flexibility in that price. That being said, I wouldn't ask for $20 if I didn't believe I was worth it, and I have previous tutees who can attest to that.

I began my long career in education as a high school-aged coach for our junior high's Science Olympiad team. There I help bright middle school-aged students master advanced concepts in science and math, sometimes even plundering AP curricula (introductory college course level) to challenge my gifted students. It was this experience of the true joys of teaching dedicated students that quickly pushed me into branching out to tutor in numerous subjects.

While I got my start teaching gifted students, I have since branched out into special needs, learning disability, English as a second language, and even just general students struggling with course work.

Look for someone with advanced expertise in the field. Especially in areas like math and science, often times earlier classes teach 'dumbed-down' versions of advanced concepts or teach what are essentially lies that are useful to students at that level. A teacher with advanced knowledge in the subject can teach these subjects with the care they deserve, while still being able to answer more advanced questions that many who only know and teach "middle school math" for example would be unable to do.

Some of the most common questions I ask my students are:

What parts of this subject are the most difficult for you?

What parts are the easiest?

What are you looking to get out of tutoring?

What about your background in learning the subject could be causing you the difficulty you are experiencing now?

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