Flexible Math Tutor With Experience.

Flexible Math Tutor With Experience.

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Currently, I am an entering college freshman majoring in Mathematics at College of DuPage. In the past, I have taken many math classes including pre algebra, numerous years of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, advanced calculus, and advanced statistics. I've had tutoring experience with a variety of students from elementary school aged kids to seniors in high school. Currently, I work at an after school daycare for the a Park District, therefore I am up to date with all the current curriculum changes involving math. I love helping students have a clear understanding of different mathematic concepts by helping with homework and going over practice and review sheets. I am also super flexible so I can adjust to whatever times works best for you!

I have always been enthusiastic to help people learn new things everyday. I love hearing that "oh" moment. The "oh" moment is when someone finally understands a concept that he or she has not been able to grasp for while. I love seeing the people i work with improve over the course of my time with them.


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Colleen L.

Kate did a wonderful job tutoring my daughter. My daughter was struggling with her algebra 2 material and Kate helped her get caught up with all of her homework and reviewed with her. I definitely saw a lot of improvement. On top of that, we had to change around the days and times of tutoring often. Kate was super flexible with the times and we never had an issue.
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November 08, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Although I am a college freshman, I have already had a lot of experience with not only the subject, but also with the actual tutoring process. During high school, my school had a place to go for students to get math help from their peers. I was one of the peer math tutors there for a year. It taught me a lot about how to tutor probably and how to re word things so the studnet understands. Moreover, math has always been a key interest of mine. I know algebra like the back of my hand and I love being able to help other people acheive in the subject. 

Normally I charge 20 to 25 dollars per hour. The farther a client would like me to travel for a lesson, the more my rate is just because of the costs of travel. I am always open for discussing, though, so just let me know!

In one of the previous answered, I said that I had started tutoring students in a peer math tutor center in high school. Recently, I have also started working at an after school daycare for elementary school aged children. This helped me learn more about what their curriculam is like. 

I have worked with a range of children from elementary school all the way to high school. My main focus is on middle school and high school algebra and trigonometry. 

I think students need to ask themselves why are they struggling. Many students struggle just because their teacher is going too fast at a pace for them or it may just be because they do not understand the homework and never ask questions. I would hope that students try to figure out the main problem without finding a tutor so they can try to resolve that issue.

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