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Bill has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. He worked in the aerospace defense industry for nine years, doing stress and vibration analysis of flight-weight hardware. After business school, he worked in the IT industry: Product marketing at Anixter, Sales Engineering at MCI, Engineering Design as Telecommunications Practice Lead at OWP/P (an A&E firm now part of Cannon Design), and Data Center Strategic Planning at UBS AG. Project management was an overlay skill that Bill applied in many of his different roles.

Bill's primary business is teaching project management to adults to help in their career advancement.

Bill tutored math on the side in undergraduate school at Stanford, while at Columbia Business School, and he has ramped-up the tutoring in the past few years because he loves it.

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I enjoy the satisfaction of helping a student gain confidence in their abilities. I've worked with slow learners and super-sharp fast learners, and I get great satisfaction in either scenario. I really love it when my students tell me that the time we spend together is helping them. Course reviews for my project management training can be found here:


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    Melanie A.

    We hired Bill this spring to assist my daughter with math. Bill is very responsive to her stress related to next years SATs. He listened to my hope that she could improve her ability to manage her learning disability. He also listened to my concern that she not focus so much on her SAT scores,
    Since starting weekly tutoring sessions with Bill, she is very engaged and looks forward to their weekly meetings. She just told me that he is very intuitive and able to to help her with multiple areas of math. At years end, she was having some issues in chemistry, and Bill was flexible and she appreciated his help
    She will be seeing Bill this summer as well, and she is pleased to have the additional academic support. We would highly recommend him to other parents and their children!!
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    June 02, 2019
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    Brenda H.

    January 09, 2019
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    Frequently asked questions

    I will meet with the student and ask how they feel they are doing in school, and where they feel they need help.  I'll ask them to show me what they are currently working on at school (text book and assignments).  I may pick an exercise to do with them. Within a few minutes I can start to get a sense of where they are in their studies, and where they need help.

    Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, then stress and vibration analysis in the aerospace defense industry for nine years... strong quantitative skills.

    Love teachimg math -- very good at explaining things in different ways until my students 'get it'.

    Good soft skills / coaching / leadership -- through my more recent project management experience.

    Regular rate: $60 / hr

    After high school, but before college, I tutored a very bright kid who wanted to push ahead faster with his math.

    In college I tutored some kids who were struggling with their math (including the football coach's son).

    In business school, I helped my classmates with game theory, and tutored a disadvantage kid from East Harlem through the 'East Harlem Tutorial Society'

    i've tutored several kids through this platform and enjoy the activity.

    My father was a law professor, and I think I got my love for teaching from him.

    Fast, Average and Slower learners; High-school aged except for one 13 year old who was in an accelerated program.

    Hearing a student do well in a job interview after I coached him for it.

    Trust your instincts

    Think about where they are struggling, or wanting to press ahead of the rest of class.

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