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Offers online services
Offers online services


Though there are other competitors in the industry that offers tutoring services, we are distinct, and we are all about promoting academic success. We are committed to providing stress-free tuition that is tailored to your needs! At the Brainstream Tutoring, we are passionate about teaching your child to embrace a love of learning and live their best life by offering exceptional and effective academic support in various subjects to improve educational achievement.

Academic Is the Key! Brainstream Tutoring was carved out of a desire and passion for offering academic support in various subjects to improve educational achievement and move you towards Academic Balance by providing a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Sign up to evaluate the student to know what the student needs and develop a personalized, efficient, and effective teaching plan tailored to the need of the student to achieve success in their fields of study.

    At Brainstream Tutoring, our outfit of tutoring experts are academic professionals and specialist par excellence with excellent degrees in high schools and universities or working toward degrees related to the specified field of study. Brainstream Tutors are top-rated, efficient, and reliable with capacity in the art of providing academic solutions to help students catch up to grade level efficiently.

    We charge a flat rate of $29 per hour for online tutoring and $35 per hour for in-person tutoring. We are here to help you, to teach and to provide outstanding and excellent academic solutions that help you build and grow your child’s academic balance in smart and efficient ways.

    Brainstream Tutoring was founded out of Georgia Tech Create- X Startup program after previously working as tutors at Georgia tech athletic association. It is an avenue to showcase and empower students with a wealth of academic excellence.

    Over the years, we have worked with several students of all learning capabilities and ages. We have taught kids in elementary school with zero test prep experience looking to boost their grades, and we have tutored college athletes who needed help in calculus to reach perfection. Brainstream tutoring has shown capacity in the art of providing academic solutions to the satisfaction of students of all learning capabilities and ages.

    As a student-oriented professional, we have enjoyed helping every one of our students. However, each presents a different challenge. We recently helped a kid in elementary school who was struggling with mathematics. Through our personalized, efficient, and effective teaching processes, he ended up getting an A in the class, and we enjoyed helping him achieve academic success.

    We are also happy and passionate to have assisted a 10th grader who was struggling with Biology to go from an F in class to an A. We believe that everyone can achieve academic success if offered the best support. We are constantly raising the bar on performance and the ability to cater and adapt to all the academic needs of students.

    When it comes to your child’s academic success, do not simply go off the price. It is advisable to choose professional tutors with academic excellence. In addition, your child’s tutor should be adaptable, reliable, motivational, and knowledgeable with the ability to teach students and cater to all the academic needs in their fields of study. Learning should be very easy and fun!

    §  How reliable is the tutor to achieving an academic goal?

    §  What is the tutor's academic excellence?

    §  Does he/she understand the subject matter?

    §  How long will it take the tutor to achieve these academic goals?

    §  Is it an online/home-based Tutoring Service?

    After you might have provided the necessary information about the student, we at Brainstream Tutoring considers these points and more to choose a proficient and excellent one-to-one tutor.

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