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I have brilliant ways to bring math classes to easy understanding for any student. I am a certified Math teacher in Florida since 2007. I excel in elementary, middle school math as well as Algebra and Geometry. I have started teaching and tutoring in 2005. I have over 98% for my students' Algebra and Geometry EOC passing rate.

I use technology and hands-on tools that makes Algebra pretty concrete for students who struggle to grasp vague concepts.

My students also learn test taking strategies in my tutoring classes. My students take a pretest that makes me know their weaknesses and strengths. I plan on targeting their weaknesses for faster growth.

I have taught and tutored students from ages 5 to 20 in all types of math. I helped many students to get their desired SAT and ACT scores both in Math and Language. Also have experience running a math club and competing in regional competitions with my team.

Feel confident to ask me your questions, any concerns regarding your student's learning disability etc.

I am a natural teacher. My mom and dad were both math teachers. I finished engineering however ended up looking for a career in education.

My students and the aha moments they get when they finally understand something they have been struggling for a while, that's satisfying to me.


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Frequently asked questions

1. I apply a pretest to determine student's weaknesses and strengths.

2. Accordingly, I prepare a unique plan for the student.

3. What makes me different from other tutors is I utilize technology and hands on even on online classes, which makes learning math much more concrete touchable, and ultimately simpler. Many students struggle with vague math instruction in traditional learning. I provide a solution to that problem.

4. Ongoing lessons will include problem solving and giving priority to questions that aren't completed correctly. This allows the learner to gain new information all the time and see a faster growth. 

I'm electrical engineer. Engineering education has many math courses that allows them to master mathematical skills. I completed educational master level courses as well as pedagogy classes after my bachelor's in engineering.

I have had many workshops in the 15 years I have been in education. Many of them, I was the trainer.

So far, I have $35-50 per session up to one hour. I'm flexible to work out a lower pricing schedule if learner purchases multiple hours and/or more than 1 hour per study.

Finished college, immediately got into teaching. Have been a certified Math teacher in FL since 2007

I have worked with all the groups from 5 to 20. Some are early learners of math, taught middle school math classes, algebra and geometry in public schools. I also tutored many students who prepare for SAT or ACT.

I have helped English learners, Special Ed and Gifted students all the time

I'd recommend a tutor who will have connection with the student. A tutor who will not simply apply the same strategies to all learners, but instead who tries to get to understand this specific students needs and plan for his/her learning. All students are unique. Finding their strengths and interests will get them enjoy learning which is key for continuous growth

Students or parents need to know their goals. If there is a test to pass such as EOC or SAT, that may be the goal itself. If the goal is generally improving academic performance in math, parents need to understand it takes time. However, I can assure they will start noticing difference within first few sessions.

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