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Offers online services


"It isn't about making math easy because it's not. It's about making math make sense because it does."

My name is Cameron Sloan and I believe in giving your child a personalized experience that goes deeper than procedural mathematics. My aim is to expand knowledge until your child can effectively unpack a problem, select the correct and most efficient way to solve it, and execute accurately.

I have 4+ years of teaching experience from subjects ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus.

Let me help you love math!

Helping students realize they can do things they never thought they could.


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Amanda T.

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with my esteemed colleague Cameron in our Secondary School Math department. During our collaborative work sessions, Cameron often focused on creating tasks that allowed for student autonomy and fostered student engagement and inspiration within a real world context. Cameron is a passionate teacher that holds high expectations for all learners. He understands that not all students have the same learning style, thus he is skilled at differentiating a task to meet the needs of all learners. Cameron is a patient and dedicated teacher who can be seen working with students both before and after school. He often goes above and beyond to support students in mastering the skills needed in order to tackle any problem thrown their way. I strongly believe that once Cameron begins working with your child you will see immediate results not only in your child’s skill development but in their mindset as well!
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July 19, 2020

Eli D.

My favorite Lesson Was slope, slope Int because it’s one of the topics that I recall the most and one of the teachings that I used In freshman Year Geometry. I enjoyed Your Class because Not only Are you well spoken you were thorough and Taught Very Well, you were very good at Making Us understand the information and prioritized learning above. You were sure To Make certain that We were engaged no matter the circumstances and wasnt afraid to remove Distractions from the class environment. I also Enjoyed the class because YOU were The teacher of Course, a very Good One at that and Awesome, humble, and kind person. You were A guide for Me, Corrected Me, and were their for me when I needed Help, and Also A friend - which is more than what most teachers can say for me. You played basketball with Me And helped me Answer personal questions Dealing with my Internal Conflict. I also felt that you truly cared about our wellbeing and I can honestly say I truly felt you were a mentor/big brother to me - ALL reasons why I enjoyed and looked forward to Your class. Something I remember in math because of You Was the demonstration you made of Students by making a circle of desks To explain How the lines on the graph were placed and how Many places The we’re going Up or down By. My knowledge In math definitely had a huge jump that year you taught me The basics and fundamentals And I truly Wish I payed more attention in that class. If I had the maturity level I have now I would Really Had payed more attention and Would Be way more grateful For the Information Being given To me By such an intelligent Person. Hope this review serves U Well I am appreciative and Grateful That Your were a part of my learning experience and Life. You also beat me 1v1 never forget lol. It will definitely be harder next time😂😅. Best of Luck! Hope to see you again Soon someday🔥💪🏼🤙🏼🙏.
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July 16, 2020

Suzy S.

Mr. Sloan is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, the lessons I’ve had with him were fun and engaging. He keeped me interested while helping me with trigonometry.
He is very attentive and made sure I understood all the steps before proceeding. I will definitely be having more lessons with him.
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July 16, 2020

Jay W.

Mr. Sloan made learning fun, not a chore. We did many large-scale projects throughout the year, which were all really fun and enjoyable. My knowledge of math grew exponentially throughout the year, and thanks to Mr. Sloan, I’ll never forget the quadratic formula.
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July 14, 2020

Casey M.

My favorite assignment was when we had to incorporate our math project with an item we were coming up with and it was fun and made the lesson easier to learn and better.
I enjoyed Mr.Sloan’s class because he was always very nice and positive and made learning better and helped us out whenever we needed it.
I remember rise/ run which is a graphing method we always used and it has helped me in every math class u have taken since.
My math knowledge grew because i would apply all of the things I was taught and use them in all of the lessons and if I ever needed help it was there for me.
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July 14, 2020

Sidney R.

Mr.Sloan always goes above and beyond to make sure his students enjoy learning and fully understand the material. He always took extra time out of his day if needed to further explain, the lesson/topic being taught, as I tended to struggle with the content sometimes. He is great at creating new and innovative ways to introduce and teach new topics while still allowing us to incorporate our own learning styles and what works best for us in the classroom, which overall helped me create a strong and solid base for math as i continued onto more rigorous math courses.
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July 13, 2020

Frequently asked questions

First I get to know where the student's stregths are and what areas of math they are comfortable with. Next I find out where the struggles and weaknesses are. Using these two vital pieces of information I adjust my teaching style using the strengths for gaining confidence in order to attack the areas of weakness.

I am a certified math teacher by the State of Florida Department of Education. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Math Education and a minor in Mathematics. I also have over 100 hours of professional developement in my field.

$45/hour (flexible)

I was a personal tutor in college just to earn money, but it soon grew into something that I wanted to do more than wanted to be paid for. When my students would come back and tell me how easy their test was thanks to my help it made me want to keep helping as many students as I could.

College, High School, and Middle School

Make sure that the teacher is focused on your needs as a math student and not just relaying the content.

What areas do I struggle with and why?

What is my level of commitment to getting better?

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