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I have Masters of Science in Education and I have also taught math in the classroom and I'm familiar with the curriculum. I taught high school math in New York City and have even taught in Shanghai, China for a semester. In my first two years of teaching, my students test scores averages were among the highest in the school.

As a tutor, I go out of my way to ensure that not only does your student gain a thorough understanding of the material but that he or she also conceptually understands how the different topics fit together.

Conceptual learning is critical because it doesn't rely just on memorization but it gives students the tools to solve the most complex problems.

I enjoy seeing lightbulbs go off in students' heads when they finally grasp a new concept.

Also, while I am aware that math isn't everyone's favorite subject, I look to spread the joy of math and to best instill an appreciation of the subject to the students with my enthusiasm. We may not think of it this way, but math is truly an artform.


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Daniel S.

David is a great choice for a tutor. He is very professional, communicative, and punctual. After each session, he updated me on the progress of my child.
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September 27, 2019



I had a great experience working with David. He was super helpful and broke down the topics so that I could better understand them. If there was something that I had a hard time understanding, he made sure to approach it from a variety of angles until something finally clicked. I definitely recommend David. He cares about the success of his students!
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September 18, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I will give students preassessments based on their grade level to figure out their strengths and areas of improvement.

From there, I focus on areas of improvement but also do make sure to reinforce strengths. I ask a lot of questions to learn how the student is thinking about concepts which allows me to address and key in on any misconceptions the student may have.

Moving forward, I continuously cycle back to concepts where the student had issues to make sure their understanding of the topics is solidified.

I have a B.A in Economics with a Mathematics Minor. I am an NYC Teaching Fellow where I have experience teaching math and I also have a Masters of Science in Education. 

$60 per hour. 

I did a summer internship with Harlem's Children's Zone in NYC. I worked with elementary level students creating curriculum for them. I really enjoyed the experience as I found it to be very rewarding. That fueled my path to Education. 

I have worked with Elementary, Middle, and High schools students. I even have experience working with students with disabilities. 

I recently attended an October Fall Festival in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I really enjoyed as Autumn is my favorite season. It was great to see the community come together. Kids were carving pumkins and their were also a lot of vendors with artisan goods.

Make sure you feel that the teacher genuinely cares for your success and learning. 

I am having trouble with math in general?

Am I having trouble with just select topics? 

Am I confusing different topics for others? 

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