Offers online services
Offers online services


Being able to help people and relieve unnecessary stress and reach their goals.

Ive been able to experince the struggles of math myself for years and its safe to say that hard work pays off in the end. Especially in math.

Ive been tutoring for 2+ years at a communitiy college in my area and ive dealt with nontechnical people of all kinds. It is safe to say that is the most rewarding to help those that really need it.

I myself do this becase I have always enjoyed math and physics since a little child. I believe there is beauty and elegance in the math and the way it all connects. You just have to cut through the noise.


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Offers online services

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    1. Find where students miss information

    2. Explain missing theory

    3. Apply theory

    - 2+ years tutoring experience and still currently tutoring various math courses. 

    -Currently finishing up my dual major in Electrical and Computer engineering with math minor. Heavy background in mathematics.

    -When tutoring technical material to nontechnical people it may be a challange at times, but it is always rewarding when it succeeds.


    Personally enjoying math and physics since a young child always had me interested in making it a little bit more inuitive to understand. 

    It is rewarding to notice a student truly understand.

    Tutoring at a community college , I've had the pleasure to tutor very smart people but also non-mathpeople.

    The student should understand their problem and try to see what it is that is preventing them from solving the problem . The priority for the students is to first try themselves and read the problem and fully understand the problem. Only then will the students reap the full reward of paying for tutoring. This is because one must first exaust ones own resources before being able to add to your knowledge.

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