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Offers online services


I have more than 20 years of teaching experience. I create a positive learning environment, and I am very result-oriented. I use memorization techniques and intensive learning to minimize study time while improving the outcomes. I have a BA in English, a BA in Teaching, and an MA in Linguistics. I am TESOL-certified, and I completed training as a Life and Career Coach at Robbins Madanes Training center (Board certification in process). For the last year I have been teaching PSAT in a private school for 10 and 11 grades.

I love seeing people "get it", when they understand the material and use it for their lives. Making a difference in a person's life is what I strive for. I have had students who successfully passed their test, improved their reading skills and got highest score on entrance examinations. That's what makes it truly worth it.


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Evgeny M.

Ilia is one of the best tutors I have had. He helped me greatly with the preparation for the English language admission tests for bachelor and master legal programs in Russia and for TOEFL and some parts of GMAT when I studied for admission to a US MBA program. The results were good. I was admitted to and successfully completed all the programs. He is very professional. I especially liked the conversation practice that improved my English fluency tremendously and grammar reviews. Overall, a good, motivating and enriching experience.
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June 20, 2018

Frequently asked questions

(1) Parents share their goals and expectations, (2) I test the student, (3) I advise the parents on the plan and discuss the timeline and what results we will be able to accomplish, (4) If we are a good fit, I proceed with the plan, correcting things as we go if needed, (5) we set up a time to reassess and finish or continue our work.   

I have worked for test-prep companies in South Florida, such as Varsity Tutors and Sanderson Test Prep, since 2017, and I received constant ongoing training with them besides the actual experience in SAT/ACT Math and English and high-school level Math.

I have a PhD in Linguistics, which required that my math knowledge also be high. I have worked as a research coordinator for an American non-profit outside of the U.S. for many years, hence my exposure to Math and Statistics.

My B.A. is from University of Wisconsin. I am also a Board Certified Coach in Life and Career coaching (as certified by the Center for Credentialing and Education), and I received coaching training from the Robbins-Madanes Center. This has tremendously enriched my teaching and the value I am able to create for students and parents. 

I normally charge $35-40 an hour for regular English or Math sessions, and $50 for test preparation work (SAT/ACT). However, I have a package offer that I often use with my clients. 

I started teaching while I was still a university student. It was fun to see kids engaged and doing better at school, so I continued. After I graduated from the university, I was working on my Master's degree, so teaching at the university was a requirement; but it was also something I enjoyed doing. From there, it was clear that teaching is my calling and my passion. I officially started teaching in 1998.

Mostly I work with 6-12 grades and young adults. I have had experiences with all ages (from kindergarten to retired), all levels (from beginners to advanced), and a lot of diverse subjects: from SAT, ACT and GRE to Public speaking and Textual Criticism. 

I recently met an 11-grade student whom I taught last semester. He said that he'd received a score of more than 1450 on his SAT exam and said he missed me and thanked me for my input in this. That's what teachers live for. :)  

It is important to look both at qualifications and the personal teaching style. The first session is usually very telling: follow your gut instinct and decide if the two of you are a good fit. Look beyond the first impressions, though: a proper, thought-through structure is as important as the teacher's ability to make you engaged in the material you are studying.   

1. What do you see as your strength?

2. What area do you still have to work especially hard on? 

3. What deadlines do you have?

4. How much time do you have for individual work and homework. 

5. What specific outcomes do you want to see? 

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