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Offers online services


I've always been passionate about learning and would love to make people see how good it is to learn and study, not only for one's future but because when teaching is taught well it can actually be fun. I teach with love and making things fun for people since I believe the best way to learn is if you have a teacher that loves what they do.

What I love about tutoring is giving back to the community and also boosting students' confidence. The best part of tutoring is when you see the progress the student is making while also being happy about what he is learning and knowing that you are doing a good job. I love to say that it is never too late to learn and I live by that.


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I have always wanted to learn spanish but never really connected with any of my teachers or tutors, I thought their classes where boring and couldnt keep myself focused. When I took a chance with Carola she taught me not only spanish but how important it is for a teacher to make teaching fun and interactive. I took her classes online and it was great. I would totally recommend her.
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April 28, 2020

Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student my main goal is to first get to know them and see what helps them learn. I like to make special tutoring classes for each of my students to accommodate to the ways they learn the best, if it is giving homework then I prepare homework for them, if it is doing games then I do games. 

I've worked during high school giving classes to younger kids. I've always done it as a volunteer until I realize that I really loved doing it and became a tutor. I've been tutoring since I was 14 years old.

The pricing is typically spoken with the student or the student's parents. Depending on how much things they want to do and what their plan is I create a specific lesson for them and then talk about rates. My rates are per hour and are typically between 30 to 60. This, of course, includes homework, quizzes, and all we talk about with the student.

I started teaching in high school. I've always been really patient so my school principal asked me to start tutoring classes and that's how my passion started.

I have worked with all types of students, from kids to adults and also from people who didn't know anything and where totally beginners to people who just wanted to reinforce what they had learned.

I believe the most important advice I would give is to find a teacher that makes you comfortable and makes classes fun while also learning. I've learnt on my years of teaching that each person is completely different in their way of learning, so finding a teacher that accommodates to the way you learn is really special.

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