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Chem Tutor For The Win!



Studying is a job, period. Sometimes for us students its seems like an overwhelming, never-ending task, with little payoff for our lifes' pursuits. As a bioengineering major, math and science got tougher, and that dream application being sent to the Ivy League seemed less and less possible everyday. I know the gut-wrenching feeling of studying last minute before a test, but I also know how to ace one with little to no problem so I take it upon myself to help others experience that feeling of "winning at school" as well.

Currently, I'm working as a professor's assistant for General Chemistry with Analytic Geometry II at Valencia College. I have held this position for 6 semesters while also supporting Developmental Math, College Algebra, and Gen. Chem I. I am also working on embedding General Physics to the lesson plans I am creating for Gen. Chem. II.

The biggest incentive is being able to pass on the ability to comprehend and understand the world around us. Together, math and science make-up the fundamental explanation for everything we see. Chemistry is more than just squares on a table and diagrams in a lab - its the bridge between the physical world and the biological. Without chemistry, we would never know how we are to produce and process energy and setting foot on the moon would've been A LOT harder than anticipated. If I can bestow this perspective to my students so that they can become future innovators and scholars, then I have done my job not only as an educator, but as a fellow human being.


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Frequently asked questions

I inquire on their interests first such as hobbies, what they do for entertainment, and what occupation they plan to enter. Then I ask them how they came to that decision to see if their heart is in understanding the fundamentals or knowing enough to get by. This part helps me to structure the pace of how I'll teach the student and what to teach them. Next I'll ask what their plans are for the material that is to be covered (what do they need to know and within what time-frame). Once I have an idea of what the student is into and their plans, I'll start to come up with ways I can analogize the covered material with what they are interested in without venturing too far from what the topic is. Finally, as I start to get a feel for what the student is able to process and how, it gives me a better idea of how to construct a curriculum that will only enrich the student's learning experience.

I currently have an A.A. in General Studies with a strong emphasis in Math & Science (General Chemistry, General Physics, Differential Equations, etc.) For 6 semesters now I have been working under a course support program under Valencia College that essentially entails that help out students in multiple classes that taking a particular course. I have worked with both traditional and non-traditional college students in the areas of Developmental Math, College Algebra, and General Chemistry.

Developmental Math, $12 hr.

College Algebra, $16 hr.

General Chemistry $20 hr.

I was referred to by my Calculus professor to work under a course support program at Valencia College. I saw it as an opportunity for me to enhance my understanding of certain fields of study while also assisting other students who I could sympathize with.

I have worked with Traditional and Non-Traditional college students. What this entails is that I have worked with high school students as well as students who have returned to school (be it young adults, parents, etc.)

I'm flexible as to the student needing to start from "Day One material". When it comes to Chemistry however, the student needs to have a basic proficiency in math (at least Algebra I) as well as the capacity to read and analyze word problems.

First, do your best to be clear as to what you need from me, be it a concept or a whole chapter's lecture.

Second, think about how much time you are willing to spend for what material you are considering to cover.

Third, bring all the necessary materials (pencil, pen, notebooks, and maybe even a planner, etc.)

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