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Offers online services


Here at E-Z Tutoring, we have formed new methods of learning which has changed the lives of many of our students! When you look at the Learning Pyramid which was developed by the National Training Laboraties Institute in the early 1960s, it shows that students retain only 5% of material learned from Lecture. Students retain 30% by demonstration, 50% by discussion and 90% by teaching others. These are the strategies we implement in our tutoring sessions. We first demonstrate the problem at hand and show why it must be solved a certain way, we then discuss problems at hand and any questions the students may have. Lastly, we have the student do the problem and explain to use why they do every step. This has been proven to be very successful, and have seen our students achieve scores higher than ever!

The part that I personally enjoy the most about our company is seeing the passion reignite in our students. Seeing our students motivated and excited to learn once again makes me feel satisfied, and as if I am making a change in each and every one of their lives. I am hoping to open up a school with our methods of teaching which will change the lives of millions of students around the world!


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Offers online services

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    jonathan M.

    Great overall experience, very professional & friendly tutors!
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    June 05, 2023


    Israel W.

    Very good services
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    March 29, 2021


    Antonia M.

    Thank you Alexander
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    March 29, 2021


    Sean K.

    Ive spent days in class trying to understand synthetic division, I had one session with Alexander and understood synthetic division completely in only 17 minutes!!!!! If every teacher could be like Alexander, no one would ever struggle again
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    March 29, 2021


    Thomas H.

    My kids have never enjoyed learning math so much, I dont know how Alexander does it but he really captures their attention. Hes really good at what he does.
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    March 29, 2021


    Cody J.

    Thank you for your services Alexander!!
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    March 29, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    For the first session, we always gauge the problem at hand with every student. Some students struggle because they have lost their passion and motivation for schoolwork, some students struggle because their teacher is unmotivated and does not offer clear examples, and some students simply struggle because they require to see multiple angles at tackling these math problems! After the first session, we then understand how to adjust our teaching styles for that particular student in future sessions.

    I graduated FAU with a Cum Laude Bachelor's in Mathematics. I have since opened up E-Z Tutoring where we teach all subjects (English, Reading, Math, SAT/ACT, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, etc.). I have also done personal research on psychological experiences relating to how students can maximize their level of retention.

    Yes, to tutor with me personally (for math) the rate is $100/hr. To tutor with one of our trained and experienced tutors, the rate is $55/hr. We also offer the first 30-minute session completely free so students can see our state-of-the-art teaching methods!

    When I was in High School, I couldn't stand the way I was treated and always wished I could be in the teacher's spot to treat kids with dignity, respect and friendship. I then went to College, and I always ended up learning from the textbook because the professor's could never grab my attention in their lectures. Throughout all this, I felt the need to enter the education field to change all of these factors. I began tutoring in College at a local Private Tutoring Firm. When I saw student's overcome the same struggles I faced, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I then opened up E-Z Tutoring after I graduated, and I could not have been happier since!

    I have worked with a multitude of students, each with a different learning style. My specialty is students with ADHD. A common misconception is that ADHD is a learning disorder, I disagree with that as the highest scoring SAT students I have had were all students with ADHD. Once the material is presented to students with ADHD in such a mannar that it is more of a puzzle rather than a test, that is when they excel. I have also worked with students that have completely lots their motivation towards school, which I successfully reignited through our teaching methods. I have also worked with students with actual learning disorders, which I've been able to combat by adjusting my teaching style. Students with learning disorders need to be shown why to use a certain formula or vocabulary word, rather than just telling them to use it.

    I am fond of graduating FAU with a Cum Laude degree in Mathematics, and also fond of the incredible reviews I've received from hundreds of students saying that they are once again excited to learn from school.

    Hiring the right tutor is incredibly difficult, I myself have gone through about 10 tutors in my teenage years and none of them were able to understand my learning style. My advice is to hire someone that understands the different teaching methods, various learning styles, and the psychology of learning. The reason why we offer the first session free is that so students don't have to waste money by trying a multitude of tutors before finding the right one.

    Students need to think about their preferred style of learning. This is what we spend our first session observing, if the student can come to us with that information prepared, it will make the tutoring sessions much more efficient.

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